Volvo EX90 Configurator Goes Live: We're Building Our Own and It's Not Cheap

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Photo: Volvo France
autoevolution's Volvo EX90autoevolution's Volvo EX90autoevolution's Volvo EX90autoevolution's Volvo EX90autoevolution's Volvo EX90autoevolution's Volvo EX90autoevolution's Volvo EX90
If the Volvo EX90 piqued your interest, then you might be happy to learn that you can now play with different builds online. It’s important to take a good look at everything before making up your mind, so let’s dive in and discover it in full.
There isn’t much to say right now about the EX90 other than repeating the official stats. Nobody has driven it. So, patience is required. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait around for someone to give us a good look at it and everything else that is part of the EX90 universe. Volvo’s French division decided to allow customers to enjoy a bit of the building process, so we jumped on the occasion.

Now, let’s look at what choices are currently available. Bear in mind that things can change in the coming months. We could see a couple of updates being gradually introduced. Dealers might also get unrestricted access to the dedicated platform soon. It’s good to keep an open mind.

The first thing you’ll see when you open the configurator webpage is a message that confirms you’re in the right place – “Concevez votre Volvo EX90.” Since our French isn’t that good, we asked Google for its help. So, now we start to “design our Volvo EX90.”

The only starting option available is the Ultra level of equipment. It establishes a starting price of €107,900 ($111,418), which includes a ton of features. It packs nearly everything you would desire, which is to be expected since it is described as “the quintessence of Scandinavian style.”

autoevolution's Volvo EX90
Photo: Volvo France
Next, we must choose the preferred powertrain. We went with Recharge Twin Performance that added €5,200 ($5,369) to the price, and gave the car improved acceleration – instead of 5.9 seconds, EX90 would be able to go from zero to 100 kph (0-62 mph) in 4.9 seconds. That's possible thanks to an extra 109 HP (111 PS). In the Recharge Twin version (no-cost option), the SUV has 408 HP (414 PS), while our choice raises it to 517 HP (524 PS).

But wait, there's more!

We continue with picking one of the sixth optional colors offered. We went with Blue Denim Metallic for €1,150 ($1,187) and decided to add the fancier 22-inch wheels for €960 ($991). A good look isn’t possible without tinted rear windows, so we included this option as well for €510 ($526).

The interior of such a cool all-electric SUV must match its exterior personality, so we ticked the box for a blended wool interior for another €1,200 ($1,239). The other three standard leather-free options look good, but they do not give the cabin the same spark.

Now we reach the options stage. Here, we added the Pilot Assist, Protection, and Comfort packs. There are also two other packs available to animal owners and for those who love traveling with friends or family. We skipped those because aftermarket options could be even better until the vehicle is built and shipped.

To enhance the overall ownership and driving experience of this seven-seater, a Bowers & Wilkins sound system was needed. It may cost €3,070 ($3,170), but it will certainly improve the audio by a considerable margin.

Our build ended up costing €120,125 ($124,036). It does feel like a bit too much for a Volvo, but we’re not giving up on it just yet.

Expensive, but for a reason!

Volvo France doesn’t specify how long it will be until the SUV can reach customers. The company’s UK division, however, estimates a waiting period of 16 to 18 months. This could be because right-hand-drive models might not be prioritized in the beginning. Left-hand-drive SUVs could reach customers faster, but there is no guarantee. For now, we’ll just have to take everything at face value. This brings us to a conclusion.

autoevolution's Volvo EX90
Photo: Volvo France
The EX90 is not a cheap thing, and it looks like Volvo will try some experimenting in various markets. The automaker might want to find out what’s the most profitable way to sell cars in an era when companies like Rivian or Tesla manage to thrive perfectly fine without a dealership that acts as a middleman. Also, it might want to give buyers the option to give up on fully owning the car. That’s why they opened online buying and subscribing.

After all, Volvo is owned by a Chinese automotive giant named Geely. This corporation also has Lynk & Co in its portfolio, which started offering cars on a fixed monthly payment that includes insurance and maintenance back in 2020. They intend on expanding in the UK next year, which could coincide with Volvo’s idea to sell the EX90 on a subscription basis. Two years of testing might have revealed that some Europeans are open to the idea of paying a fixed amount every month, and they do not care about owning the car after four or five years. Volvo UK also says that EX90 subscribers will pay less every month if they continue with this plan for longer.

But if you’re from the UK and you want to buy a base-spec EX90 outright, then you’re looking at a starting price of £96,255 ($114,495). For this much money, you get a twin-motor EX90 Ultra finished in Vapour Grey with 22-inch wheels and a Charcoal Nordico interior. The subscription, on the other hand, is £1,599 ($1,902) per month.

Despite all this, Americans might be the luckiest. The automaker’s U.S. website states that the EX90 comes “well-equipped for under $80,000.” Market rules vary everywhere, so don’t rush to dismiss this Volvo before making sure that you know what it will cost.

Finally, the all-electric SUV comes right from the factory with a good reputation. It must be safe before anything else. The plethora of safety systems and the computers used by the automaker, together with the external hardware (eight cameras, five radars, and 16 ultrasonic sensors), tell us this won't be a problem, especially as it decided to not give its customers the option to test unfinished software on public roads. The driver gets many assistance features, but the one behind the wheel will always remain in charge. The power figures are decent enough and will allow you to impress your passengers, while the WLTP range of 580 km (360 mi) is good enough for most trips.

But, no matter what, we are still talking about a Volvo. The EX90 could be one of the greatest SUVs ever, but it will have to prove itself. Not many customers will rush to buy a stylish all-electric behemoth that’s supposed to be delivered after a year and a half of waiting. However, we remain confident in the company’s ability to succeed and can’t wait to share with you more about the EX90 once the time is right.
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