Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Huracan Runs the 1/4-Mile Quicker Than You Can Read This Title

Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Huracan 9 photos
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Twin-Turbo Lamborghini HuracanTwin-Turbo Lamborghini HuracanTwin-Turbo Lamborghini HuracanTwin-Turbo Lamborghini HuracanTwin-Turbo Lamborghini HuracanTwin-Turbo Lamborghini HuracanTwin-Turbo Lamborghini HuracanTwin-Turbo Lamborghini Huracan
Even if their portfolio includes other high-end exotics too, Underground Racing proudly call themselves the “home of the world’s fastest street-legal Lamborghinis.” And anyone who’s familiar with their name knows that their builds truly mean business.
Twin-turbocharging conversions, complete with modified and new peripherals, are the things responsible for the dizzying outputs of their projects, which include beasts like the red Lamborghini Huracan depicted on video down below.

Equipped with drag radials, and a parachute, the supercar was filmed at the Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida not long ago, putting its money where its mouth is. Well, not literally, because it did not race anything, as its only opponent, as long as the camera kept rolling anyway, was the stopwatch, in two quarter-mile sprints.

Thus, when it crossed the finish line, it was clocked at 7.546 seconds, with a 186.41 mph (300 kph) top speed, understood to be “a new best.” That time is enough to humiliate the fastest stock production cars out there, including the current king, which is the Rimac Nevera. The 1,914-horsepower battery-electric model holds on to the crown, with 8.58 seconds, at 167.5 mph (269.6 kph).

As for how powerful this twin-turbo Lamborghini Huracan is, your guess is as good as ours. Nonetheless, we are likely looking at well over 2,000 horsepower, probably at the wheels, because with everything Underground Racing has in store for it, it would easily exceed that mark, on race gas. Heck, their official website claims that in excess of 3,000 horsepower at the wheels is possible too.

With the Stage 3 Plus upgrade, which is a $175,000 affair, it boasts 1,400 whp, and Stage 2 unleashes 1,150 whp, in return for $75,000. Stage 1 gives it 900 whp to play with, and costs $59,000, whereas the base offering will set you back $49,000, unlocking 800 whp on 93-octane fuel.

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