Tuned Hummer H1 Is Ready To Carve Its Own Path Through the Woods

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Hummer H1Hummer H1Hummer H1Hummer H1Hummer H1Hummer H1
Unless you've been living under a rock these past couple of years, you're aware of the modern-day Hummer. Made by GM and sold under the GMC brand in two body styles, normal SUV and pickup, it has gone down the electric route and looks pretty much like a Hummer from the future.
Due to the boxy design, practical nature, and zero-emission firepower, combined with clever marketing, the GMC Hummer EV has become a favorite toy among the right crowd. And while the present and future are all-electric when it comes to this nameplate, some are still fans of the original H1. And by some, we mean most petrolheads with a soft spot for big off-roaders.

It may literally feel like there are countless examples of the Hummer H1 out there. But the truth is that not that many were made for civilians. In fact, the total production stands at almost 12,000 copies. The model was offered in several body styles and with V8 power solely, which comprised several diesels and a gasoline unit. The transmissions of choice were automatics, with three, four, and five gears.

The H1 measures 184.5 inches (4,686 mm) in length, 86.5 in (2,197 mm) in width, and 77 in (1,956 mm) in height. It has 130 inches (3,302 mm) between the axles, and that's more than what you'd get in a modern-day Cadillac Escalade. The truck is significantly wider than the latest Toyota Land Cruiser and has extremely short front and rear overhangs, thus allowing it to tackle large rocks and other obstacles off-road.

Despite the military looks and mean attitude, not that many original Hummers get unleashed off the beaten path. Some of the best examples out there tend to cost in excess of $100,000, though you could still get one that's in dire need of some TLC for upwards of $50,000. You might be thinking that the black copy pictured above is for sale, and you'd be wrong because it is being used as a temporary marketing tool by HRE, which signed the HD188 wheels that start at $3,000 each.

With an all-black look and additional protection at the front and rear, this Hummer H1 has a heavy-duty winch, a roof rack to carry additional gear, roof-mounted lights, and a large ground clearance. It seems ready to attack the great outdoors and venture farther into the unknown than its modern-day counterpart without having to haul a diesel generator, and it will probably keep going to the end of the world and back.

Too bad the wheelmaker hasn't released images of the interior, as we would've loved to see that spartan cockpit again. But hey, we will settle for these pictures, and if you want to see additional cool Hummers, then you should check out our dedicated category here.

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