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Thor's 2022 Tranquility 4x4 Camper Van Will Have You Living Wherever You Want
At the rate things are moving these days, I think we’ll be seeing mobile homes and RVs that offer some very habitable spaces, so much that we could just live out of our vehicles. One such machine is the 2022 Tranquility Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Class B motorhome.

Thor's 2022 Tranquility 4x4 Camper Van Will Have You Living Wherever You Want

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In the search to create the ultimate mobile home, some manufacturers figured out that you have to invest a pretty penny in order to offer a living space suitable of the status ‘home’. That being said, one such manufacturer is Thor Motor Coach, a subsidiary of Thor Industries, the same group of which teams like Airstream, Jayco, Heartland RV, and Tiffin Motorhomes are a part of.

With that much history behind the Tranquility, you know darn well that it’s going to perform everything you might need to live life off-grid, for a short while at least. Just to make things clear, this sucker comes in with a starting price of $148,680 (€128,548 at current exchange rates) for the least expensive of the two available floorplans. Why so much? Time to find out.

As it stands, one main reason this motorhome comes in with such a price is because it uses a 4x4 Mercedes-Benz 2500 Sprinter van as the base. Exterior standard features include Thule roof ladder, lateral arm power patio awning, and even a bike rack on the rear door. Top-mounted LED bar, off-road tires, and 190-watt solar panel are also standard.

Since Mercedes-Benz is the driving force behind your possible future motorhome, expect to find things like a 10.25-inch multimedia dash with Bluetooth, navigation, and Sirius XM radio-ready. A back-up monitor, cruise control, telescopic and tilting leather seats and steering wheel, airbags, and emergency engine start switch are just a few of the comfort and safety features on board.

Because off-grid life is the name of the game, Thor had to make sure their vehicle was ready to meet the needs of their customers. To help you live in the wilderness for as long as possible, 24.8 gallons (112.7 liters) of freshwater, a 14,300 BTU furnace, heated holding tanks, and a solid electrical system with generator are present.

An Onan RV QG LP generator backed by a 24.78-lb (11.2-kg) LPG capacity tank in the van, 1,000-watt inverter, solar controller, two AGM house batteries, and a Truma Combi Eco furnace and water heater. There’s always the option of adding anything bigger and better if you want to, but you’ll have to pitch in that extra buck.

As for interior styling, Thor offers vinyl flooring and soft-touch ceiling, Euro-style cabinets, and lots of LED lighting to help you set the mood just right when it’s night and the large windows won’t do you any good.

Part of the money you spend on this van will also be buying you an entertainment center with 24-inch TV, JBL speaker, electronics station, and ready for everything from cable to satellite TV and everything in between.

Depending on the floorplan you choose, mainly the positioning of features will differ, but also the fact that one floorplan includes a permanent bed while the other an electric fold-out couch. No matter the choice, only two guests will have a place to sleep.

Remaining features are also aimed at being used by just two people. This includes a kitchen with two-burner gas cooktop, microwave, stainless-steel sink, and electric fridge. Storage for foodstuffs is also part of the kitchen. As for the bathroom, a simple wet bath with a toilet, shower, sink with faucet, and roof vent is all that’s inside.

As they say, “For everything else, there’s Mastercard,” and that seems to be the case here as Thor is the sort of team that’s more than willing to hear how you’d like to spend some extra cash on building your dream motorhome.

Since people seem to want a vehicle that they can literally live out of, I’m sure we’ll see more and more intricate and capable builds like the Tranquility, but with that, prices are also bound to also get higher and higher.


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