2024 Mercedes-Benz EQB Photos, engines & full specs

Segment: Medium SUV
Infotainment: Apple CarPlay icon Apple CarPlay   Android Auto icon Android Auto  
Production years: 2023, 2024

MERCEDES BENZ EQB 2023-Present 15 Photos
MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)MERCEDES BENZ EQB (2023-Present)

Mercedes-Benz introduced the EQB on its lineup in late 2021 but didn't keep it too long in that shape since, in the summer of 2023, it already refreshed it to match the look of other EQ products made by the German automaker.

The three-pointed star brand started to divide its brand into more categories. Its regular cars sported the Mercedes-Benz name; the performance ones had the Mercedes-AMG badge, while the electron-powered ones got the Mercedes EQ nameplates. Besides the EQE, EQS, and EQS SUV, the EQB followed in line as the smallest seven-seat electric vehicle from the automaker's lineup.

One of the most striking differences between the 2022 and the 2024 model years of the EQB was the front fascia. Unlike its predecessor, this one featured a styling inspired by its larger sibling, the EQS SUV. The panel sported a new look, with either a piano-black fascia or with one adorned by tiny little stars. For both versions, the automaker installed full-LED headlamps with a continuous LED light strip that crossed the car from side to side at the upper side of the front fascia. Since electric vehicles didn't need a broad cooling area, the automaker installed just a lower grille to cool the batteries and the electrical system. From its profile, there weren't any major changes, apart from the new color options offered by Mercedes-Benz. At the back, the automaker created a new design for the rear lights featuring horizontal lines that ran across the tailgate from side to side and were extended by the corner-mounted taillights.

Inside, there were subtle changes for the vehicle. Customers could've ordered the vehicle with specific ambient lighting that also incorporated tiny little three-pointed star lights embedded on the dashboard on the passenger' side. Still, the main screen that combined the instrument panel and the MBUX infotainment system was covered by the same piece of glass, creating a wide display. Apart from the two passengers up front, the EQB offered enough room for the other five passengers, with three in the middle row and two on the flat-folding jump seats in the trunk area. Maximum trunk space with the last two rows folded was 1620 liters (57.2 cu-ft).

Under the skin, Mercedes used the electric technology to power the vehicle and offered the MQB with front- or all-wheel-drive systems. The battery pack inside the floor provided enough juice to power the car for up to 560 km (348 miles) on a single charge, depending on the version, according to WLTP standards. But one of the most interesting upgrades made to the facelifted version of the EQB was the introduction of the towing package. With this, Mercedes promised that customers could tow up to 1400 kilos (3086 lbs.) or 1700 kilos (3748 lbs.) for the FWD or the AWD versions, respectively.

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Information about this model's engines has not been yet made public, but we will add it as soon as the car is launched or more data becomes available