This ATV Mounted on the Roof of a Nissan 350Z Is Proof of Messed Up Priorities

A Nissan 350Z is an odd choice to haul an SxS, but not for this dude 1 photo
Photo: reddit / AkumaBengoshi
What happens when you’re cheap enough not to rent a delivery vehicle, but rich enough not to care if your own car gets damaged in the process? Internet stardom happens, though it’s probably not the kind most “influencers” have in mind when they start out.
In the latest chapter of the seemingly never-ending saga of U-Haul but make it really special,” here’s some dude who mounted an ATV on top of a Nissan 350Z sports car, and probably didn’t even bat an eyelid when he came up with the idea, put it in practice, and was then on his merry way. Here’s to hoping he made it to his destination in one piece, as did every one else he crossed paths with that day.

Posted to reddit on the IdiotsInCars thread, and apparently snapped outside a local shopping center (somewhere in upstate New York, commenters say), this photo is the very definition of messed up priorities. It shows a red Nissan 350Z in seemingly good condition, loaded with a brand new SxS. If that’s not enough to make all Z lovers cringe or even understandably burst out in manly tears, there’s also a dude on top of the car, looking to ensure that the ATV is well strapped to the roof. For the ride home, one assumes. Gotta be safe.

The photo is offered without any other context, but the consensus seems to be that the dude on top of the car is also the smart owner. He probably bought the ATV and, to save some money, instead of having it towed or delivered to his home, he decided to haul it himself. Forget about general wisdom that a personal vehicle can’t serve as a hauler for items this large! He put cardboard on his Z to protect it from damage, how’s that for wisdom?

Jokes aside, the Internet is rife with examples of stuff you’re not supposed to haul with your car. Sometimes, the effort of making everything fit is simply not worth it, if only for the reason that you could kill someone – or yourself – in the ridiculous, highly dangerous attempt to save some dollars. Speaking of effort, the Internet remains baffled about how this dude was able to get the SxS on top of the Z, without visible damage to the car. Any ideas?
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