The Pegaso Motorhome Doesn't Know What It Wants To Be, but the Results Are Spectacular

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Photo: Roller Team / Edited by autoevolution
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Motorhomes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Even an array of nations dabble in this industry. One such country is Italy, and this time around, we take a close look at Roller Team and the Pegaso, a motorhome whose interior screams fine Italian living. It even gives off a whole yacht look and feel.
Folks, for over 20 years, Roller Team has been spotted making a name for themselves in a rather cutthroat industry, and these days, their machines can be spotted all over the European continent. The Pegaso, the unit we'll be exploring today, is only sold on the UK market. Still, the level of living it grants to would-be owners is worthy of an article.

For starters, the Pegaso comes across as a sort of half-breed between a Class C and Class A RV. I mean to say that it's somewhere in the middle in terms of size, styling, and living. But, it's on a level where we could 'round up' and consider the Pegaso a Class A RV/motorhome. For example, the base vehicle is a Fiat Ducato, a chassis often used in Class C units, but the shell Roller Team has crafted, and the furnishings inside lean towards a Class A. I felt I had to clarify this because the manufacturer's website says "Class A" quite often, but it's not really a Class A machine. What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Now, three different layouts are available, tuned to different needs and budgets. The smallest is the 590, and the largest is the 745, the latter of which is a monstrous machine with an interior design that, yes, has the whole Class A feel, mainly because of a massive U-shaped lounge found at the rear of the unit. I don't know how to tell you this, but you could easily fit six to eight guests in this space and chit-chat until the morning sun shines over the horizon. This lounge also takes the shape of a bedroom at night.

From the lounge, you can make your way clear through the entire unit to reach the cab. As you do, you'll pass a galley on your left and a bathroom on your right. What I enjoy about the galley are the materials used to craft it. Composites, woods, semiprecious metals, and LED lighting ensures your meals come out as clean and tasteful as the space it was prepared in. As for the bathroom, all features inside sit separately from one another; no wet baths here.

Pegaso 740 Interior
Photo: Roller Team
After passing these two spaces, we find ourselves in the midst of yet another lounge, this time, with multiple lounge seats covering different walls of the RV. In the center, a dinette table allows even more quests to mingle. While sitting down and doing god knows what, I want you to look upward and notice the ceiling overhead with its integrated LED lighting. Well, this so-called "ceiling" is also another bed. When it's time to go to sleep, and the rear lounge is occupied, remaining guests can simply lower this bed into place, climb in, and it's a good night. Just two guests can sleep here.

The next morning, it's off on the next leg of the trip, or this is where you'll call home for the next few days. If you do choose to stay put, it's time to unveil all the other little features deemed necessary for a full off-grid life. This includes things like solar and gas or diesel power and the storage needed for your gear.

Starting with solar, gas, and diesel-powered systems, there's an integrated solar panel setup on the roof of the 745 and a 6 kW combined water heating system. As for storage, there are plenty of interior spaces where you can hide clothing and other apparel, and foodstuffs. For larger items, the multiple exterior bays are at your disposal, including a pass-through area. Best of all, the 745 has something to aid lovers of cycling: a bike rack suitable for up to four truly eco-friendly machines. Grab yourself a roof rack, and kayaks are in the picture too.

Pegaso 745 Lift Bed
Photo: Roller Team
Suppose you want to avoid hitting the slopes, singletracks, or local lake. In that case, the Pegaso is more than capable of accommodating all your near-home activities. For example, there's a massive side awning as standard, and once you unload your outdoor dining set, get a fire going, and possibly a BBQ, kick back and listen to the sounds of birds chirping in a nearby tree.

So, you've fallen in love with this Class-Whatever machine. The question is, how much can you expect to pump out of pocket for one of these? Well, a 2023 Pegaso 745 can be found around the £85K range. Remember, this is a British version, so in American dollars, it amounts to about $110K (at current exchange rates). The 590, the smallest layout, is found around the £80K mark, about $103K.

But there's a catch in all this. Because this is a unit built for the UK and Europe, folks on the other side of the Atlantic stand little chance of ever getting their hands on these units. At best, you can find a dealership that's shipped some over, assuming they're ready for North American roads, and go from there. If not, the Pegaso is sure to stand as an inspiration for some outdoor and on-road living lovers.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase all Pegaso units available for 2023.

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