Taking Driving Lessons in a Bentley Bentayga Is a Total Baller Move

When you think of the vehicles commonly used for driving lessons, you don’t usually think about luxury cars, like Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne, or the Mercedes G500. But Dubai is not your regular city, with regular leaner vehicles.
In Dubai, you can learn to drive in a Bentley Bentayga instead of a Nissan Sunny 17 photos
In truth, it does have those, too. The Emirates Driving Institute (EDI) uses Nissan Sunny cars for regular learners, but it also offers a premium course, where newbie drivers get behind the wheel of some of the luxurious, expensive and powerful machines in the world. It’s all part of living the baller life in Dubai, of course.

Dubai is a city where not just luxury but opulence calls home. This is the go-to place for the most astounding and surprising instances of privileged life, whether we’re talking about car ownership, designer fashion, exclusive jewelry or real estate. It’s not a surprise then that there’s a special driving course for the rich.

The EDI started it with just a couple of vehicles in 2017, The National News reports, but has since added more. Today, businessmen or offspring from wealthy families can learn how to drive in vehicles like a Tesla Model X, a Bentley Bentayga, a Range Rover Sport, a Porsche Cayenne, or a Mercedes G500 and C200.

Again unsurprisingly, demand for the premium course has picked up consistently in recent months, going from 10 lessons a month when it was first launched, to 50 today. The feedback from potential customers was similar, Fatima Raees, the Institute’s director of marketing and customer service, explains: what would be the point in learning to drive in a Sunny, when they’d be driving high-powered machines after getting the license?

So EDI worked with the Roads and Transport Authority to develop the course, with the aim of teaching newbies to drive the kind of cars they will also be driving once they pass the test. Of course, the price matches the quality of the service: the premium course is three times more expensive than the regular one.

DJ David Guetta, who was in Dubai in February this year and got to be driven around by Supercar Blondie in the Star Trooper, a Mercedes-AMG G 63 by Mansory and Philip Plein, also took this premium course. In the interview, he spoke about having had his license suspended and needing to retake the exam, so he took a few driving lessons in EDI’s Range Rover, the publication reports.

Editor's note: The gallery shows the "regular" Bentley Bentayga, without dual controls.


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