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SLRV "Adventurer" is a Fully Equipped 4x4 Expedition Vehicle - Just Smaller
And if you look to your right ladies and gentlemen, you’ll see the SLRV Adventurer 4x4! That’s all I needed to see. It has all the comforts of home and then some. If you don’t like it, then I believe we can’t be friends.

SLRV "Adventurer" is a Fully Equipped 4x4 Expedition Vehicle - Just Smaller

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I’ll admit, I'm not the richest guy in town so you won’t see me in some ten-person expedition vehicle. And even if I had the cash, I'm still a more intimate kinda guy so I'd be spending time with the missus or my two non-existent kids. For me, two to four folks are about all I can handle.

If you’re like me, then the adventurer from SLRV is exactly the thing you need. As small as it may seem from outside, this little mountain hermit is chalk full of luxury inside. And more options to choose from than your average Chiron order. Your option of six different floor plans and even a custom floor plan is available.

The entire truck is built upon an Isuzu NPS 300 4x4 chassis, the same kind of chassis used by a number of fire departments all over the world. With a few upgrades and modifications, this chassis is a home on wheels.

As far as construction goes, the entire truck is based on a monocoque chassis and frame. This means that the chassis, walls and roof, are all welded into one entire unit. This offers maximum resistance to weather conditions and keeps the interior atmosphere just as you like it.

One of the main points of focus for such vehicles is the suspension. On the Adventurer you’ll find Koni shock absorbers and longer front springs to offer a softer ride. Upgraded sway bar mounts and modified rear springs offer higher articulation.

The entire body is mounted on springs that keep it moving independently from the truck chassis. You may think this is not a smart move, but when you need to cross over a 15% incline with just the tires on the right side of the vehicle, you’ll thank the design team for the body not dipping too.

Speaking of the body, let’s head on inside a bit. As I mentioned earlier, she may look small but inside, she's decked out in comfort. The first thing to mention is the possibility for a full en-suite restroom. But if you need the space, a combined unit is also available.

Next up the options to have a fixed bed or an electric lifting bed. The latter includes an electrical system that stores your bed at the ceiling when not in use and offers access to a dining lounge underneath. When you want to sleep, just press a button and it settles over the dining area.

Appliances you’ll find are cooking tops water and room heaters, washing machine, and even an entertainment system. A fridge and sink complete the kitchen appliances. Cabinetry that is suitable for off-roading has been installed as well.

As you know, for such journeys, water is essential. So the Adventurer comes equipped with near (300 l) of water stored in separate tanks. A system within the vehicle allows you to choose from which tank water is to be used. Be drinking water however, SLRV has a dedicated water system ready with its own filler, tank, pump, and filtration system.

Atop the cab we find a standard Bozcrome NPS roof rack with a large storage space, tie down bars, spotlight mounts and a ladder. Also, at the front, optional accessories like a winch or bash guard are available. Now like any self-respecting expedition vehicle, this one too comes equipped with a myriad of solar panels and electrical systems to keep this home running at tall times.

As far as the powerhouse for the Adventurer, you’ll find a 4-cylinder 16 Valve SOHC with a 5,193-cc displacement. A max power of 153 hp at 2,600 rpm and a torque of 309 lb-ft (420 Nm) between 1,600-2,600 rpm will make sure you get to the peaks you have on route.


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