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Rugged X3 Camper Trailer Takes Camping to a Whole New Level
In the search to find some of the most rugged and capable gear around, our journey has taken us to Australia, where we found a team known as Patriot Campers, a crew with some outdoor living gear capable of withstanding the harsh Australian Outback.

Rugged X3 Camper Trailer Takes Camping to a Whole New Level

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Patriot Campers (PC) is a camper and towing rig manufacturer from Gold Coast, Australia. With a love for the outdoor life, and one that unfurls in some of the wildest places on the planet, this crew has grown to produce award-winning gear.

With a focus on customer experience and innovation, you can expect to see some very capable gear. Take the X3 camper trailer as the perfect example of how this team likes to do outdoor and off-grid living in the land Down Under.

First off, to get a decent understanding of what it is that lies before you, I should mention that the X3 is part of the MY21 family of trailers offered by PC, but it includes a construction and some features available to all other trailers in PC’s arsenal.

One thing each trailer, including the X3, features, is a hot-dipped galvanized chassis that results in a low weight and strong frame. On top of it all, an aluminum shell results in a monocoque design, yielding a strong leak-proof build. All that is then set on an independent suspension with dual shocks and Maxtrek mud terrain tires with a 1,500-kg (3,306-lb) rating per tire.

With full 360-degree articulation offered by the DO35 hitch from Cruisemaster, you should be ready to tow this sucker over anything you can think of, as long as your rig can handle it. How light is the X3 exactly? Well, it is the heaviest of this crew’s trailers, with a dry weight of 1,120 kg (2,469 lbs). Still, hella light considering what you’re about to read.

Overall, the X3 can accommodate three guests, and an additional fourth through the purchase of an optional feature. To do this, the construction you see explodes into a full-blown campsite in just minutes, revealing an interior living space worthy of standing up to a Sonoran Desert sandstorm. This interior space is created by a CS3 Integrated Tent and yields room for sleeping, dining, maybe even a tad of working if you’re a digital nomad.

In order to leave the interior for nothing other than lounging and sleeping, the X3 features its kitchen outdoors. An L-shaped galley offers a workspace, room for a 75-liter (19.8-gallon) fridge, two external power outlets, and sink with faucet. For cooking, Dometic strikes with a stove and grill combo. Making sure you have all the utensils and foodstuffs needed to cook awesome outdoor meals, TC includes plenty of cargo room.

Speaking of cargo room, the X3 is the sort of trailer made for folks that just love the outdoors. How do you know this? Well, PC includes 2,000 liters (528 gallons) of storage space all around and inside the X3. Honestly, how much space do you really need!?

Helping keep you alive out in the wild is a power management system with an integrated 130-watt solar panel and/or several external charge sources. Anywhere from 85 liters (22.5 gallons) to 155 liters (40.9 gallons) of fresh water is also something PC offers owners of their products. To fuel and outdoor shower, clean and wash veggies and even gear, this should be enough for two to three folks for more than a couple of days, depending on how long you can resist your own aromas.

As the saying goes, “For everything else, there’s Mastercard,” meaning you’ll have to talk to Patriot Campers about what else they can throw in for you. Just remember, your dream X3 will probably cost more than the 55,990 USD (€47,864 at current exchange rates) you’ll have to dish out for a standard X3.

But even as it is, this trailer boasts a build that’s basically ready to go. Just fill it up with water, hook up all the lines, and away you go, through lands as killer as the Australian Outback itself.


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