Pagani Automobili Designs Airbus Cabin and It Is Properly Opulent

Few cars out there can hold a candle against Horacio Pagani's creations when it comes to the almost obsessive attention to detail he shows when designing their interiors.
ACJ319neo Infinito cabin 3 photos
Photo: Pagani Automobili
ACJ319neao Infiniti cabinACJ319neao Infiniti cabin
You may find them too busy or too shiny for your taste, but even so, you'd still find it hard not to call them "beautiful." They are indeed a work of art, and hearing Horacio (loosely) quote Michelangelo really didn't feel out of place.

"Perfection lies in the relentless pursuit of details in everything," said the great Italian Renaissance Artist, according to Horacio, and that has to be the best definition we've heard so far. Since we all know perfection is not attainable, the best way you can at least come close is to continue to strive for it despite knowing you won't be successful.

Some might call that madness but, at the end of the day, if that's what it takes to come up with the designs and the quality of execution you can find inside the cars coming from Pagani Automobili, then so be it.

This hasn't gone unnoticed over at Airbus so when a project for remodeling the interior of a jet presented itself, the French company knew who to turn to. That's how the Airbus Corporate Jets ACJ319nea Infinito was created.

The entire team at Pagani Automobili chipped in for what can only be described as a rescaled and reinterpreted Pagani Huayra interior. All the trademarks are there - the quilted leather, the brushed aluminum, the exposed carbon fiber - everything that would help a Pagani Huayra owner feel right at home.

In bringing together the best of the supercar and business jet worlds, we enable an elegant and seamless link for customers of both, while bringing a fresh approach to cabin design and satisfying very demanding standards,” said Airbus Corporate Jets Managing Director, Benoit Defforge.

Pagani started off with a blank sheet of paper, meaning the only restrictions were the technical ones. Other than that, everything was allowed, so the designers looked to use everything - space, light, materials - to their advantage, and we'd say we can all agree they have successfully created a jet cabin anyone would be delighted to fly in.

The ACJ319neo Infinito can take up to eight people for a maximum range of 12,500 kilometers (or 7,767 miles or 15 hours). We don't know about you but we've flown onboard some worse-looking jets in our time.

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