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Out of This World Project Cosmos Superyacht Is Set To Launch in April 2022
It's not every day that you get to see a yacht concept that's being born as we speak. Well, Project Cosmos is one of the concepts that is being readied for delivery in April 2022.

Out of This World Project Cosmos Superyacht Is Set To Launch in April 2022

Project Cosmos SuperyachtProject Cosmos SuperyachtProject Cosmos SuperyachtProject Cosmos SuperyachtProject Cosmos Superyacht Interior ConceptProject Cosmos Superyacht Interior Concept
Ladies and gentlemen, the superyacht design before you is known as Project Cosmos, and for one fortunate owner, this ship will be their vessel to the stars.

Project Cosmos is currently underway in Heesen Yachts Shed 2, and according to information on their website, this puppy is set to launch in less than half a year or so if everything moves along smoothly. Since the project is very hush-hush, the only images we have to give us an idea of what to expect are the renderings in the gallery.

Whenever a ship like this is undertaken, rarely is it the work of just one team, and in this case we're dealing with three teams. You're already aware of Heesen Yachts, one of the world's most sought-after yacht builders, while the other two teams implicated, Winch Design and Sinot Yacht Architects & Design, carry their own ability to manifest an owner's dreams.

Winch Design is a team from London that saw its start in 1986 and since then has grown to work on some of the most prestigious vessels in the world, covering every type of ship style from sailing yachts to motor yachts and superyachts like the Cosmos.

As for Sinot, this crew of architects is also considered one of the best in the business. After all, they wouldn't be working together with Heesen if they were just some random team. Over the years, Sinot has proven its eye for design multiple times, ensuring its expertise will be sought out in the coming years.

With this sort of background, you can expect the Cosmos to be one heck of a project, and it is. This ship is definitely not small, with an overall length of 80.07 meters (262.7 feet) and a beam of 13,40 meters (43.9 feet). Best of all, the Cosmos is completed from aluminum and features not one, not two, not three, but four V20 MTU 4000 M73L engines. According to Heesen, two engines will pump out 3,600 kW (4,827 hp) of power each, while the other two 3,540 kW (4,747 hp) apiece. All that horsepower is enough to launch the ship around with a speed of 29 knots (33.3 mph), a feat rarely achieved by ships this size.

Because of the anonymity surrounding the design, we are not privy to much of the interior spaces, but what we are told and shown is enough to get a pretty good idea of what some lucky guests will witness and experience.

One feature that is bound to bring some fun and attention is the helipad found at the ship's bow. Aside from landing your chopper, this space can also be converted into a large outside lounge and movie theater.

Spread out over four decks, the Cosmos has enough room to accommodate 19 crew members and only 12 guests. Yes, just 12 guests will have all of this ship to themselves. Activities like enjoying the large beach club aft, fit with interior and exterior pools, having a drink in any of the countless lounges presented, or just whipping out a tender or some jetskis from the garage will be enjoyed. Heck, if you really want to impress, activate any of the hull segments that transform into a floating platform for you to enjoy dinner.

All we know about the eventual interior is that it's created using proportions dictated by mathematical systems such as the "Fibonacci sequence" and other irresistible and natural elements. Overall, it looks like a blend of woods, stones, fabrics, and semi-precious metals work together to create spaces unlike other ships before it.

Well, all I can say is that April 2022 will see a vessel like very few others before it, and these three yacht industry giants are working together to make one lucky customer very happy. No mention of how much this beauty ended up costing as it's not yet finished.


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