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Greenline 58 Fly Eco-Friendly Yacht Proves That Sustainability and Elegance Mix Well

Vessels and aircraft are said to be some of the most difficult means of transportation to decarbonize, but the clean energy wave that’s bringing more and more sustainable ships on the market shows that even the yachting industry is slowly advancing toward a green future.
The unconventional Greenline 58 Fly will boast a hybrid-drive system and 11 solar panels 7 photos
Greenline 58 FlyGreenline 58 FlyGreenline 58 FlyGreenline 58 FlyGreenline 58 FlyGreenline 58 Fly
Slovenian Greenline Yachts considers itself one of the hybrid propulsion pioneers, striving for sustainable yachting since 2008. The latest addition to its fleet, the Greenline 58 Fly, was designed to combine the beautiful design of a luxury yacht with innovative propulsion technology that turns it into a sustainable alternative.

The boat manufacturer already offered hybrid drive or electric drive options for all of its models, but the future Greenline 58 Fly combines a hybrid drive with solar panels, becoming an eco-friendly cruiser. The next-generation hybrid-drive system includes two 25 kW motors with an adaptable hydraulic clutch. According to Yachting Magazine, the diesel engine options include twin 610 HP or 715 HP Cummins, or 1,000 HP Caterpillar engines, for extra speed.

Additionally, 11 solar panels are placed on the hard top and the flybridge, generating 3.6 kW of power. According to the manufacturer, this is enough to keep the vessel going for 30 nautical miles, at limited speed (6 knots).

To increase speed, the builder also focused on making the yacht as light as possible, which is why it chose carbon fiber for its construction.

The almost 60-foot-long (18.2 meters) boat features a single-level main deck, with a large living area and a hydraulic bathing platform at the stern. Yachts Croatia revealed that this eco-friendly cruiser also boasts an innovative cockpit seating arrangement, with benches along the centerline, so that all guests at the table can enjoy a spectacular view of the water.

The Slovenian builder announced that its unconventional, but equally enjoyable new yacht will be ready to hit the water in the Fall of 2022, when we’ll be able to admire it in detail.

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