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MY23 T4 Hybrid Caravan Makes Light Work of Large, Off-Roading, and Adventurous Families
If there's one nation known for building unique and capable travel trailers, it's Australia. Here, I ran across Track Trailer and their T4 hybrid and adventuring caravan, suitable for off-grid excursions while fitting your entire family, up to six guests.

MY23 T4 Hybrid Caravan Makes Light Work of Large, Off-Roading, and Adventurous Families

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That's right, folks; the T4 is a travel trailer designed and built to sleep up to six people and built by a crew that's been around since 1985. If you've heard of Track Trailer before, it's because we've featured their work countless times. What makes them so dang special is that they're a family-owned business, allowing them to work outside established industry norms, in the process, giving birth to machines like the T4 and a couple others.

Just to hop right into the thick of things, the T4 is the sort of machine you should look into for several reasons, which we'll explore today. To do this, I invite you to an imaginary experience based on what your life may be like if you owned a T4.

Now, this bugger isn't cheap, and you'll shortly understand why, but just to give you an idea of what to expect, three floorplans are available, and the least expensive, the Rhapsody, starts at no less than around $110,000 Australian, which equates to roughly $75,000 American (at current exchange rates). As for the big guns in the family, the Concerto model, it comes in for around $115,000 Australian ($78,400 American) and can fit two adults and four children. These spaces should be perfect for your friends if you have no kids.

Quite the cash if you ask me, and then you have to factor in upgrades and possible shipping fees. But, if money has no meaning for you and you find that this is the habitat for your adventures, you'll purchase a camper that can take care of every need you may have as you travel the world.

Part of this camper's magic is how it's built. Track Trailer uses a hot-dipped galvanized chassis with a military-grade suspension, Cruisemaster DO35 coupling, electric brakes, and off-road tires. Then there's the fiberglass and composite body of the T4, ensuring a lightweight and weather-proof shielding for your habitat. That's just a hint of what's all available, so take the time to dive deeper if you like what you read. Also, check out the video below to see what that military-grade MC2-R suspension can achieve.

After driving for a few hours and trekking through rock gardens, mud pits, and even some river beds, you finally arrive at your destination that you'll be calling home for the next few days. You and your significant other begin to unfurl your mobile dwelling with kids running around the campsite.

In minutes, the T4 will showcase all its gear and utilities like a wild Swiss army knife. You'll be able to access features like an outdoor grill and galley, exterior shower or mudroom, awnings, and even room extensions. Oh, and those are just the features you find outdoors; the interior is a whole new story.

What I found extremely pleasant about the T4 was how every interior space and feature is distributed and arranged. There's room for things like an indoor wet bath, dining room, bedroom, and even another galley. Sure, it may sound like a bit of an overkill, but if you're a hardcore adventurer, you know what it means to be caught in a storm for hours and not be able to embark upon outdoor ventures like cooking and using the outdoor shower. Trust me, it's better this way.

Finally, all the sleeping space this camper can boast is partly due to the pop-top roof. Once this feature is in place, additional bunk bedding can be utilized, or you can simply use the space to add whatever suits your lifestyle. Just remember, upgrades and custom work will cost extra. The question is, how much are you willing to drop on your dream getaway dwelling? Looking to beef this sucker up with an amazing solar setup? Yup, you're going to need more cash for that.

At the end of the day, what you do with such a mobile home is entirely up to you. Track Trailer is just the team responsible for the canvas upon which to paint your adventurous dreams. Just a little something-something to bring to your attention.

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Images in the gallery display all available floorplans for the T4.


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