Milltek Sport Rolls Out 2023 Honda Civic Type R Cat-Back Exhaust System

2023 Honda Civic Type R Milltek Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System 6 photos
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2023 Honda Civic Type R Milltek Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System2023 Honda Civic Type R Milltek Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System2023 Honda Civic Type R Milltek Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System2023 Honda Civic Type R Milltek Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System2023 Honda Civic Type R Milltek Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System
Milltek Sport now offers a cat-back exhaust system for the latest and greatest Civic Type R of them all, internally referred to as FL5. The UK-based company is charging $2,318.69 for the stainless-steel exhaust system, to which prospective customers may add $1,254.08 for a cast downpipe with a high-flow sports cat or $409.64 for a de-catted unit with a larger bore.
The aftermarket system was designed to reduce backpressure, with Milltek Sport recording a reduction of more than 20 percent. Increases in engine power across the rev range also need to be mentioned, plus enhanced turbo performance. The revised exhaust valve design is 15 percent larger in diameter than stock, and the volume can be configured via the driving modes.

As a brief refresher, the FL5 boasts four modes in total, starting with Comfort. Switching to sport equates to better engine response, medium steering assist, medium suspension damping, a sporty exhaust sound, and fast rev matching. The +R is all things cranked to eleven, whereas Individual offers user-selectable settings.

Derby-based Milltek Sport pre-sold more than 70 percent of its FL5-specific exhaust system, with said exhaust designed to comply with applicable track day noise restrictions. The cat-back exhaust comprises the front flex pipe, front silencer, center silencer, rear connecting pipe, rear silencer, 15-percent larger exhaust valve for the center tailpipe, and a choice of tailpipe finishes.

Tips can be specified in carbon fiber, burnt titanium, brushed titanium, satin black, or polished stainless steel. Priced at £1,922.36 back home in the United Kingdom, the aftermarket exhaust comes with single-size triple outlets for a more streamlined appearance. A design that replicates the factory setup is available.

Honda priced the FL5 at £46,995 in the United Kingdom, where the FK8 used to be manufactured. Now made in Japan, the Civic Type R is $43,295 in the United States. There are minor differences between the European and American specifications, including engine tuning.

Based on the 11th generation Civic, which is exclusively offered as a hybrid in Europe, the Civic Type R flaunts nearly 330 ps (325 hp) and 420 Nm (310 pound-feet). Codenamed K20C1, the four-cylinder turbo cranks out 315 horsepower and 310 pound-feet in the U.S.A.

The 2.0-liter engine is joined by an intercooled turbocharger with a small-diameter turbine wheel said to minimize lag and improve responsiveness. The four-pot lump also integrates sodium-filled exhaust valves, variable timing control, and exhaust-cam VTEC.

Connected to a six-speed manual topped with a superb-looking shifter, the engine is joined by a helical-type LSD for the front axle. Not only does it minimize slippage, but also improves steering precision, thus allowing the driver to put the hammer down out of a corner a bit sooner for marginally better lap times.

In the United States, the FL5 will soon welcome an Acura-branded sibling in the guise of the Integra Type S. Similar to the Civic Type R, the premium-oriented model from Acura will feature a manual box exclusively.

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