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Segment: Compact
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Production years: 2022, 2023, 2024
Review: 2022 Honda Civic e:HEV - The Smooth One

HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) 2022-Present 22 Photos
HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) (2022-Present)

The Civic was one of the most notorious nameplates in Honda's inventory, and the eleventh generation of this moniker, it brought electrification to a whole new level.

The 2022 Civic was not the first hybrid in the carmaker's inventory. Several other models preceded it, such as the Insight with two generations, the Civic VIII sedan, and the CR-V, to name just a few. But Honda was also very good at producing naturally aspirated engines, so it paired these two elements and created one of the best Civics ever made.

While the car's exterior was tamed down when compared with its predecessor, it features all the right lines in the right places. The front fascia resembled the eleventh generation of the American Accord, with slim headlights and a narrow main grille. On the lower side of the bumper, the automaker installed a broader second grille flanked by a pair of side scoops needed for the fog lamps. From its profile, the fastback-shaped Civic left the impression of a coupe, even though it was not. Finally, at the back, the C-shaped taillights were spread from the quarter panels onto the tailgate.

Inside, the automaker tried its best to provide not just a comfortable cabin but also a high-tech one. Thus, most of the safety features of the vehicle, such as the adaptive cruise control and the lane-keep assist, were fitted as standard. The front bolstered bucket seats provided enough side support for their occupants during high-speed cornering. In the rear, the bench was adequate, even for three adults. In addition, it was split-folding and could expand the trunk volume from a respectable 410 liters (14.5 cu-ft) to a staggering for its class 1,220 liters (43 cu-ft). The standard infotainment unit featured a 7" display on the center stack.

Under the hood, Honda provided the e:HEV with just one drivetrain option. This hybrid unit featured an electric motor fueled by a set of batteries, which were charged by a 2.0-liter, Atkinson-cycle engine.

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HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU) 2022, 2023, 2024
  1 gasoline engine
  • 2.0L e-CVT FWD (184 HP)

HONDA Civic e:HEV (EU)
2.0L e-CVT FWD (184 HP)

Displacement:1993 cm3
Power:105.2 KW @ 6000 RPM
143 HP @ 6000 RPM
141 BHP @ 6000 RPM
Torque:949 lb-ft @ 4500 RPM
1286 Nm @ 4500 RPM
Electrical motor power:135 kw (184 hp)
Electrical motor torque:232.3 lb-ft (315 Nm)
Fuel System:Direct Injection
Fuel capacity:10.6 gallons (40.1 L)
Top Speed:112 mph (180 km/h)
Acceleration 0-62 Mph (0-100 kph):7.8 s
Drive Type:Front Wheel Drive
Front:Ventilated Discs
Rear:Ventilated discs
Length:179.2 in (4552 mm)
Width:70.9 in (1801 mm)
Height:55.4 in (1407 mm)
Front/rear Track:60.9/62.4 in (1,547/1,585 mm)
Wheelbase:107.6 in (2733 mm)
Ground Clearance:5 in (127 mm)
Cargo Volume:14.5 cuFT (411 L)
Turning circle:36.1 ft (11.0 m)
Unladen Weight:3344 lbs (1517 kg)
Gross Weight Limit:4112 lbs (1865 kg)
Power pack:Lithium-Ion
Low:56 mpg US (4.2 L/100Km)
CO2 Emissions (Low):94 g/km
Medium:60.3 mpg US (3.9 L/100Km)
CO2 Emissions (Medium):89 g/km
High:56 mpg US (4.2 L/100Km)
CO2 Emissions (High):96 g/km
Extra high:39.9 mpg US (5.9 L/100Km)
CO2 Emissions (Extra high):133 g/km
Combined:49.2 mpg US (4.8 L/100Km)
CO2 Emissions (Combined):108 g/km
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