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Magonis Unleashes First Boat, the E-550: Electric and Italian Luxury for Pennies
Listen, everyone knows that the Italian yachting scene is damn near inaccessible to most people. That notion is no longer true. Not only this, but the boat that is promising to change all this is also electric.

Magonis Unleashes First Boat, the E-550: Electric and Italian Luxury for Pennies

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Folks, everyone knows that last year’s Venice Boat Show was delayed until this year. When this show finally happened, it brought forth the most stylish, the most luxurious, and most expensive creations boatyards have been working on of late.

One team that saw its first ever unveiling is known as Magonis Boats (MB). Now, MB is a very young team, having been around only since 2017. When you consider that some of the longer standing boat yards have histories that begin back in the 1800s, Magonis better make an impressive vessel to compete in such a market.

What sets this Italian-Spanish team apart from all others is the fact that their boats and craft are all aimed at an exclusively electric experience. Every member of the team, be they designers, engineers, technicians, or builders, all their attention is focused on electric vessels.

Their first boat, and the same one that was revealed at the Venice Boat Show, is none other than the Magonis Wave E-550. And while an electric boat we’ve seen before, there are quite a few tricks up this ship’s sleeve, one of which is its price.

Now, you know that this ship includes Italian and Spanish boating heritage, and you also know it’s electric. So, can you guess how much you’ll be dishing out for the base model? Only €33,485 ($39,622 at current exchange rates). Boggling, I know.

For that price, you’ll be acquiring a vessel that offers 4kW (5.36 hp) of power and a top speed of just 5 knots. The up to 10 kWh of battery life is to be controlled by a TorqTrack app. Torq, Torq. Where have I seen that name before? Oh yeah, Torqeedo is the company furnishing the outboard motors for the E-550.

I understand that the E-550 may be a bit slow for you to even think of buying, but overall, Magonis offers four motor and battery packages to choose from. The most powerful and expensive of the four is the MAG Power 30.0 RL. This motor breaks out 30 kW (40.2 hp) of power and can reach speeds upwards of 22 knots. To top it all off, a 23 kWh battery is also strapped in. All this fun will end up costing you over double the base model, €68,960 ($81,579 at current exchange rates). Still, pretty dang good once you consider what you’re about to read.

Now, this next statement may seem hard to believe, but according to a press release from Magonis, the E-550 has a range of 12-friggin hours. At what speed isn’t exactly clear, but still, even cruising around at 5 knots for 12 hours is still enough to feed your need to get away from it all.

Being the sort of boat that fulfils the lifestyle requirements of the rich, be sure to find more than just a motor and hull to keep you busy. Standard equipment includes dolphin striker, ladder, cleats, pulpits, and a full deck covered in Flexiteek.

Optional equipment includes a sun lounge, telescopic teak table, Marlin coated fabrics for seating, fridge, shower, awning, honestly, the list goes on. With a length of 5.5 m (18 ft) and draft of just 0.30 m (0.98 ft), this boat is ready to stir some looks no matter the port you dock in.

Honestly, where have you seen a vessel that looks like this and does what it does for this sort of price? Didn’t think so. Now, put your smart device to good use, and get ahold of Magonis because they’re currently offering free test rides on one of these puppies. Have fun and don’t forget your checkbook or no limit card.

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