World’s First Aircraft Carrier Turned Superyacht to Have Amazing Swappable Decks

There are plenty of outrageously luxurious superyachts out there, and it’s no surprise that expectations keep going higher, with even more outlandish features making us marvel at today’s possibilities. One of the most interesting ideas comes from a Dutch visual production company and a German entrepreneur, who want to transform an old aircraft carrier into a super-premium mega-yacht.
Noah Twins Carrier is a superyacht concept based on an aircraft carrier 7 photos
Photo: Mitsi Studio
Noah Twins CarrierNoah Twins CarrierNoah Twins CarrierNoah Twins CarrierNoah Twins CarrierNoah Twins Carrier
We’re used to seeing aircraft carriers in their ready-for-combat mode, with fierce fighter jets waiting on the deck. What if, instead of that, we would see a completely different picture? Not just a peaceful-looking one, inviting passengers for total relaxation and pure indulgence, but even more daring than that.

Dutch Mitsi Studio created a jaw-dropping concept – the Noah Twins Carrier would not be just the world’s first aircraft carrier turned into a yacht, but it would be built with interchangeable decks, right out of a movie-like fantasy. As the Studio puts it, the design would be like a Swiss Army knife, with the possibility of swapping between a landing strip and a golf course. Yes, a landing strip would still be there, but for a helicopter and air-taxis instead of fighter jets. And the nine-hole golf course could also change into a ski slope with artificial snow, because why not?

The ambitious project isn’t new, but it’s recently gotten closer to becoming a reality. Zenger reports that Udo Stern, a German entrepreneur who is also part of a project called Düsseldorf Initiative, is working on getting investors in the project to join forces and purchase a former aircraft carrier that could bring the Noah Twins concept to life.

Called Foch, this venerable aircraft carrier served with the French Navy, from 1963 to 2000. The second one in the Clemenceau class, this warship has an impressive 543 feet (165.5 meters) length and 97 feet (29.5 meters) width, which would make it ideal for this huge innovative project. After 2000, it was purchased by Brazil and renamed Sao Paolo, before being decommissioned almost 10 years later. It seems that it was recently purchased by a Turkish company, and it in danger of being dismantled.

Will Foch manage to be saved and start a second life, as an ultra-luxurious yacht? It’s uncertain yet. But the idea of repurposing warships and giving them an entire new career is definitely one that should take off.

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