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Lamborghini Huracan Puts the Track Life Behind It, Gets Modded for More Extreme Stuff
After the bigger Aventador was sold-out and is now facing retirement, the Lamborghini Huracan will follow in its footsteps in due course. However, before that happens, it is the go-to machine for fans of modern rides born in Sant’Agata Bolognese, if they don’t like high-riders that is.

Lamborghini Huracan Puts the Track Life Behind It, Gets Modded for More Extreme Stuff

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No matter the specification and how many horses roam wild behind the passenger compartment, it is a proper track tool, and a great weekend car. Should you be brave enough, though, it could be used as a daily, given that you don’t have more than one kid who needs to be dropped at school, and that your groceries fit in one relatively small bag. Here, we’d add a comment about the fuel consumption, yet anyone who can afford to blow in excess of $200k for a new car cannot be bothered by that.

To turn it into a beastly off-roader, however, like the orange example pictured in our gallery above, you are going to need many more Benjamins, and proper mechanical skills. On top of that, you shouldn’t be afraid of elbow grease, as it is likely that something will fail at one point, while putting it through its paces on arduous terrains. Those of you who feel like they have seen it before, you are definitely not wrong, because we did cover it last year. And since the digital artist behind it, known as moaoun on social media, decided to share it with his followers once more, we thought we’d do the same, only in a vaster story.

Bound to turn heads wherever it goes, assuming that it was indeed real, it boasts many upgrades meant to improve its off-road prowess. On the visual front, it has modified front and rear bumpers, and fender flares, made of black plastic. An exoskeleton keeps the occupants safe in case it decides to show its belly, and a spare wheel is mounted on top of the rear window.

Speaking of the wheels, these are just as rugged-looking as the rest of the car, and are hugged by chunky rubber. The additional lights attached to the bulbar, and lightbar mounted on the roof, turn night into day at the push of a button (or more). It also has a winch that would get it out of most sticky and slippery situations, and probably long-travel suspension as well.

Now, if you’re into extreme rides, then it is likely that you are aware of a hardcore Lamborghini that was turned into an off-roader in the real world. That one started life as a Huracan, yet it was severely crashed. Subsequently, it was resurrected, with LS firepower, new long-travel suspension, exoskeleton, big mud-terrain tires, and others, and is known as the Jumpacan. Its impressive skills off the beaten path, and Mad Max looks have made it famous with web surfers and car enthusiasts alike, and have granted it entry into the SEMA Show.

These builds venture far from the show-and-tell type of projects that tuners usually present on a constant basis, and turn the base cars, two Huracans in this case, into real (and digital) overlanders. And don’t, even for a moment, think that they would not work as intended, because in case you forgot, we recently saw an old BMW 5 Series, with serious mods, tackle a very challenging course through the woods. The E60 530d xDrive follows the exoskeleton, new suspension, and big tire trend too, and it’s not afraid of getting down and dirty every time its owner feels the need to venture into the unknown.

Assuming that you’re into this kind of stuff, and have the finances and skills to back it up, what vehicle would you turn into an off-roader and why? It would probably be an all-wheel drive exotic, with a matching trailer, for this writer, and if the sky is the limit, then why not the one-off Bugatti La Voiture Noire? That would definitely be something, wouldn’t it?


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