Insane Lamborghini JUMPACAN Finished Before Official Reveal at SEMA

We've followed the journey from a shell with almost nothing included, and we couldn't be more impressed. The Lamborghini JUMPACAN is finally ready for SEMA with long-travel suspension and an LS V8 in the back.
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Photo: Via B is for Build
Lamborghini JUMPACANLamborghini JUMPACANLamborghini JUMPACANLamborghini JUMPACANLamborghini JUMPACAN
Just think for a moment what it would take for you or me to put this kind of build together. There's still a ton left wanting aside from a dedicated space in the garage and the time to do the work.

Understanding how the chassis of a Lamborghini actually functions isn't simple. In addition, it's not as though there are off-the-shelf kits to swap a Chevrolet LS V8 into a Huracan engine bay. Though considering the popularity of such swaps, we did have to confirm that.

Other outlets have literally called the JUMPACAN an "abomination" but let's break that down just a touch. Ferruccio Lamborghini wanted people to love his cars. At the same time, he wanted to shock people with their outstanding styling and performance.

Isn't the JUMPACAN (a real Lamborghini chassis that can eat Jeeps, Bronco DRs, and the never-will-be-produced Chevy Beast for dinner) EXACTLY what Ferruccio would've loved? It sure seems so.

We've watched in past episodes as Chris and his crew has crafted custom Huracan inspired body panels. We've seen them build long travel control arms from scratch. And we've seen them make a rear tire carrier just in case they damage a tire during a race.

We see them start to pick the nits out of this build in this episode before its official reveal at SEMA 2021. The interior is one of the major concerns. It gets custom carbon fiber pieces as well as a vast widescreen Holley center display.

Additionally, Rough Country reached out to Chris and provided LED light bars to ensure the JUMPACAN can see its path. Of course, mounting them is only half of the battle. The B is for Build crew had to build a specific bar just for those lights. Wiring them does not happen in this video, though.

That's because, despite all of their best efforts, the team doesn't finish within their personal deadline. Instead, some of the crew works through the night while others get much needed rest before driving the JUMPACAN to SEMA the next day.

What DOES get finished is a stunning exterior with sharp body panels that subtly but surely pay homage to the car this once was. Keep in mind that the original Huracan doors are still in place.

Those original doors seem to swell as though they were mutated by gamma rays. The rear haunches of the car are gaping and gigantic. Then the roof has a massive scoop of its own. How much air could this sports car need? We can't wait to find out when this thing goes racing for the first time after SEMA.
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