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Is Roman Abramovich Selling His "Bandit" Boeing 767 Plane?
Chelsea Football Club owner and Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich obviously has a private jet, a Boeing 767-300ER, also known as “The Bandit.” But word on the street is he won’t be owning it for much longer, as he put it up for sale, with a starting price of $100 million.

Is Roman Abramovich Selling His "Bandit" Boeing 767 Plane?

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With an estimated net worth of $14.5 billion, Roman Abramovich obviously wants to have the best of everything. He owns the most expensive superyacht built so far, and a fleet of supercars which includes limited editions like Pagani Zonda R or the Ferrari FXX.

His superyacht is called Eclipse, and has a worth estimated at anything between $600 million and $1.5 billion. It took five years to make, but the result seems to please the Russian tycoon. What he was very adamant about was privacy, and his superyacht includes motion sensors and bulletproof glass all around the private owner’s deck (the superyacht has nine decks). Other prevention measures include armor plating, anti-missile defense, and specialized security systems for each cabin. It can accommodate 30 guests, and 93 crew members.

But besides the most expensive yacht, Roman Abramovich also owns planes. With his net worth, we hardly can expect the Russian billionaire to be flying coach. One of his luxurious jets could be called a mansion in the air, because it has more rooms than a lot of people’s apartments. With a dining room that can host up to 34 guests, it also includes spacious sleeping areas, and big lounge. There’s a reading room, as you often need while jetting around the world, and three guest bedrooms.

Also nicknamed “Bandit,” it received the name because of the black stripe by the windows of the cockpit, which gives it a resemblance to dark glasses similar to what villains usually sport.

Word on the street is that the Russian billionaire might be trying to sell it. Teller Report broke the news that the Russian Oligarch wants to sell his aircraft, citing two sources from the aviation market. The official Global Jet website handles the sale, showing the a virtual tour of it on their page, which includes the serial number 33425, which belongs to Abramovich.

Initially, the Russian billionaire’s plane was valued at between $150 and $300 million, but now you can make an offer that starts at $100 million, which might result in a loss for the Chelsea FC boss. But we all know that vehicles, planes and yachts drop in value as time passes.

Global Jet also includes the specifics of the jet, which has been in use since 2007, after being built in 2003. The aircraft is powered by Pratt & Whitney PW4060-3 engines, and it has a cruising speed of 528 mph (850 kph). What’s the biggest flex about it is that it features the same anti-missile defense system as the Air Force One. Which is the safest and most secure aircraft in the world.

When it comes to its interior, there’s little information available, but it’s reportedly complemented by a gold strip that goes around the entire aircraft, and the interior was made by Andrew Winch Design. In 2020, it also received a new exterior paint.

The Boeing 767 spent 7,080 hours in the air, and it completed 1,954 cycles, which include the take-off and landing. Which is quite a lot of a private plane, so this might be one of the reasons why the Russian tycoon might be wanting to get rid of it.

There hasn’t been a confirmation from the spokesman for the tycoon about the sale, but, since the specifics include all the information from his plane, Abramovich might be moving on to another soon. He probably won’t be plane-less for too long, and he has a lot of options to pick. The Russian billionaire also owns two other jets from the same brand, a Boeing 737-700 worth $73 million, and another Boeing 767-300 plane worth $67 million.

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