Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich Parades His Supercars on the Nurburgring

This is how the world's billionaires have fun: they close the most famous circuit on the globe, they fly in their supercar collection and then they drive their cars on the track for two days straight. Not bad at all.
Roman Abramovich's supercar collection 5 photos
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Roman Abramovich's supercar collection on the 'RingRoman Abramovich's supercar collection on the 'RingRoman Abramovich's supercar collection on the 'RingRoman Abramovich's supercar collection on the 'Ring
What you see in this clip is the car collection of Russian magnate Roman Abramovich. Like any wealthy Russian businessman, you'd better not ask him how he made his first million (or the next several hundred, for that matter) because you won't get a straight answer. But that didn't stop him from showing it off all over the world, and we're not just talking cars here.

The thing Mr. Abramovich is best known for right now is owning British Premier League football club Chelsea, which seems to take up most of his time lately. When he's not busy firing managers, he can be found relaxing on one of his three yachts - one of which is the second largest in the world.

During the first weekend of August, though, Roman Abramovich was present at the Nurburgring, together with his impressive collection of supercars and hypercars. Instead of opening the track to the public as it usually happens during the weekend - the so-called Touristenfahrten - the management decided to close the whole circuit off and turn it into a private party.

That's because the current owner, Victor Kharitonin is an old business partner of Roman Abramovich, so instead of getting coffee together, they decided to have a spin on the famous Green Hell. All by themselves. Well, if you had a supercar collection and an itch to drive it and your friend owned a racing track, you'd probably do the same.

Abramovich's collection is said to be worth over $11 million, but we'd be disappointed if wasn't more than that. Among the cars he brought on the 'Ring were a few limited editions like the Pagani Zonda R or the Ferrari FXX, as well as very rare cars such as the Aston Martin Vulcan or the Maserati MC12 Corsa. As you can see, they are mostly track-only cars that can really benefit from the fact that an old friend of yours bought the world's most badass circuit.

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