Hyper's Ultra 40 E-Bike Is a Low-Budget Fat-Tire Beast Looking To Land in Your Garage

There's no doubt about it; e-bikes are here to stay, and the result is an endless array of machines that promise to be the next best thing. Well, one team, Hyper Bike Co., is bent on being the crew you see branded on the side of your next e-bike, and the Ultra 40 could be the machine you see it on.
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Photo: Hyper Bicycles Inc
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Folks, Hyper Bike, is a team that I recently ran across, and how glad am I that I did. Why? Simply because upon discovering this manufacturer, I started to also get to know the work that they achieve. Having been around since 1990 and focused primarily on BMX bikes, you can bet that their machines can take a beating.

One such creature is the Ultra 40, a seemingly small e-bike with the ability to do much more than its size would imply. For example, this bugger is built using an aluminum frame that may look rather bare, but within it is hidden the magic that makes this $1,200 (€1,175 at current exchange rates) EV what it is.

The first thing you need to consider when looking at a bicycle is what terrain you'll use it on. Why is this important? Simply because some bikes are not built to withstand the pressures of off-road terrain. It's why you don't see beach cruisers bombing it downhill and why a full suspension bike is not favorable in an urban setting.

Ultra 40 E\-Bike Motor
Photo: Hyper Bicycles Inc
With that in mind, consider that the Ultra 40 is the sort of e-bike designed to be used in a city landscape and off-road on some light trails too. I'm not saying you should be entering some Red Bull competition with it, but if you decide to take the long way home one day, you'll be able to. After all, Hyper didn't add a suspension fork and fat tires onto this bugger for no reason.

I want you to pretend that you dropped the $1,200 on this bugger and ended up with a fat tire e-bike in your garage. So, what now? Well, here's where you discover just how much fun a 250-watt motor can bring and how much easier your cycling experience may be because of its presence on the rear hub. It's this feature alone that will be responsible for pedal assistance up to 20 mph (32 kph). Anything beyond that is all you.

What I found rather neat, and one reason I chose to bring this trinket to light, is because of the way the frame is shaped, in particular, the down tube. Integrated into the aluminum casing will be a removable battery with 10.4-amp-hours of juice, and while it may sound like a decent amount, it's only good for up to 20 miles (32 kilometers) of range. Yet, the bike's price does leave room for another battery pack, just in case you work further than 10 miles away.

Ultra 40 E\-Bike Cockpit
Photo: Hyper Bicycles Inc
As I explored more of the Ultra 40, I discovered that comfort greatly influences what we see. Hyper chose to keep cyclists happy with a large soft seat, that if the bike was able to carry more than just 200 pounds (90 kilograms), you could very well carry a friend with you. Since I weigh around 170 pounds, a small pet or some groceries are all I can spare.

More comfort is added in the shape of a suspension fork, boasting an unknown amount of travel and from an unspecified brand, a trait commonly encountered among Chinese components. Then there's the comfort the fat tires bring, but that's pretty self-explanatory. Since this tire style typically makes it harder to pedal, you'll be glad you have the electric goods mounted to the rear. Best of all, once the battery drains, you should be able to use this EV like any other bicycle, just a slightly more stylish one.

At the end of the day, not all e-bikes are equal, but if you're searching for a trinket that can do more than just stick to asphalt, is electric, and won't rip a hole in your bank account, then the Ultra 40 is one trinket that can be considered.
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