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Want a Full-Suspension E-Bike for the Price of Rocks? Check Out Hyper's E-Ride MTB
Summer is in full swing for most people, which means getting out of the house and exploring more. One way to achieve further range than your legs would typically carry you is with an e-bike. Contrary to what you may think, you don't need a bucket full of cash to own one.

Want a Full-Suspension E-Bike for the Price of Rocks? Check Out Hyper's E-Ride MTB

Hyper E-Ride MTB-DSHyper E-Ride MTB-DSHyper E-Ride MTB-DSHyper E-Ride MTB-DS SaddleHyper E-Ride MTB-DS CockpitHyper E-Ride MTB-DS CockpitHyper E-Ride MTB-DS ControllerHyper E-Ride MTB-DS Rear ShockHyper E-Ride MTB-DS DrivetrainHyper E-Ride MTB-DS CassetteHyper E-Ride MTB-DS BatteryHyper E-Ride MTB-DS ForkHyper E-Ride MTB-DS ForkHyper E-Ride MTB-DS
The above statement leads us to the machine before us today, the Hyper E-Ride MTB-DS, an e-MTB that currently selling for no more than $1,500 (€1,470 at current exchange rates). But, to ensure that this bike reaches as many hands and minds as possible, Hyper Bike Co., the team behind the DS, struck a deal with Walmart to fill their isles with this and other trinkets.

If you've never heard of Hyper Bike, you aren't alone as I, too, have just discovered their work. Well, believe it or not, this manufacturer has been in the bicycle game since 1990, when former BMX pro Clay Goldsmid decided he would be a source for high-quality BMX frames and components. Things just snowballed from there, and over 30 years later, this crew is still alive and kicking.

One way to stay alive in an industry, or anywhere for that matter, is to adapt, and adapt is something that the DS can indeed pull off. For instance, due to an array of gear, including a rear suspension, not only will you be able to smoothen out singletracks like never before, but it also looks like you may be able to handle some light downhill tracks. Time to see what sort of rides you can achieve for $1,500.

As you would expect from a bike of this price, the DS is built using nothing more than aluminum for the frame and rear linkage. But all that is tuned to 29-inch tires, so be ready to coast over obstacles with ease, not to mention the Suntour XCM32 fork and EXA Form rear shock working their magic too. The fork brings 100 millimeters (4 inches) of travel, while the rear comes in with a stroke of 38 millimeters (1.5 inches). Now you understand why I mentioned you should use this for light work?

Diving further into all that is meant to be an affordable full-suspension e-bike, we need to take a close look at the sort of components powering your adventurous trips. While it's not yet clear who may be supplying the motor for this bike, it seems Hyper carried out the R&D and vouched for a mid-mounted motor running under 250 watts. There's no mention of torque, but we do know that you're limited to 20 mph (32 kph) of assistance.

As for the battery powering all of this magic, there's a downside; you'll only squeeze out a top range of just 20 miles (32 kilometers). So, how the heck am I supposed to enjoy an extended ride with this bugger? The most common solution is to add a bike rack to your car and drive out to your destinations. However, you could just pick up another battery pack and double your range. But you will have to lug around the extra weight.

At the end of the day, yeah, you're paying much less than you would typically pay for an e-MTB, but the tradeoffs are clear. In my opinion, this is an off-road EV designed for the ones looking to dip their proverbial toe in this sport. Even then, stick to the kiddy tracks as I'm not sure how much abuse this puppy can take. But, if you simply need to own an electric MTB, this is one you can consider.

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