Here's Why Canyon's $7K Grail:ON CF 8 eTap Won the Sought-After Red Dot Award

What does it take to make a bicycle desirable? Is it its price? Is it its design? Or is it its capabilities? Well, the award-winning Grail:ON CL 8 eTap could very well be the machine to encompass all of the above.
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Folks, in the spirit of the new year, we'll be drooling over Canyon Bicycles' latest wonder, Grail:ON CF 8 eTap, a gravel-crushing e-bike that's not meant just to drain your pocket of 7,000 USD (6,155 EUR at current exchange rates), but one that has been nominated and won awards for its design and capabilities, in particular the sought-after Red Dot Award.

You probably figured out the price for this bike so let's see what you'll be getting for that sort of cash and why you should consider this machine if you're into gravel riding.

First off, Canyon builds more than one Grail bike, but it's this version that comes in with an electric drivetrain and peak secondary components. The price alone tells you that you're looking at a bike completed using carbon fiber, and it is.

This heavy use of carbon fiber is one of the reasons that Canyon was able to shape this bike the way it did. To understand what I mean, take note of the top tube shape, the way the seat stays blended into the rest of the frame, and the way the bike is shaped to accommodate the mid-mounted motor. The fork and motor guard are carbon fiber too.

Grail\:ON CF 8 eTap Cockpit
Another important feature of the Grail lineup is the redesigned cockpit. This dual-tier cockpit offers four different hand positions, allowing you to ride as you like. Completing this feature out of carbon fiber and elevating it the way Canyon has, reduces vibrations much more than traditional handlebars. What more do you want?

Since you're looking at an e-bike, a couple of things we need to consider are the motor and battery. Here, Canyon shakes hands with Bosch and supplies a Gen4 Performance Line CX motor with 85 Nm (62.3 lb-ft) of torque and an assist up to 28 mph (45 kph). Powered by an integrated PowerTube battery with 500 Wh of juice, you'll be able to explore further and faster than with most other gravel bikes.

Now, one reason the bike gets its name is because of the SRAM eTap drivetrain. If you've heard of this drivetrain, then you know that your shifting will be controlled with nothing more than a wireless setup. At the tap of a paddle on your handlebar, SRAM takes over and moves your chain for you. All you've got to do is keep pedaling. Overall, you'll be boasting 1x12 speeds with 10-36T.

Grail\:ON CF 8 eTap Fender
More than this, Canyon made sure to be ready for the adventures you have in mind with nothing more than rack mounts, fender mounts, and the possibility to add other accessories too. By the time you're done decking out your Grail, you'll understand why it's award-winning. Sure, you'll need some extra cash to do that, but it should be worth it. With all those goodies, you'll be buying a bike that weighs around 15,90 kg (35 lbs). I'll let you look into what the average e-bike weighs.

Even if you never end up riding this bike on some local trails, which would ultimately be a shame, the looks you'll get as you dash around town on a silver bullet will be enough to boost your ego.

My recommendation, if you ever pick up a machine like Grail:ON CF 8 eTap, ride the hell out of it! Figure out why it's getting the attention it is, and get your money's worth.

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