Curve Vehicle Design Envisions and Optimizes the Heck out a Gravel E-Bike

Expedition Gravel E-Bike 16 photos
Photo: CURVE Vehicle Design Ltd
Expedition Gravel E-BikeExpedition Gravel E-BikeExpedition Gravel E-BikeExpedition Gravel E-BikeExpedition Gravel E-BikeExpedition Gravel E-BikeExpedition Gravel E-BikeExpedition Gravel E-BikeExpedition Gravel E-BikeExpedition Gravel E-BikeExpedition Gravel E-BikeSupermini GT evo-CompetitionSupermini GT evo-CompetitionRTX Electric SUV ConceptRTX Electric SUV Concept Interior
Let's face it, bikes have become something entirely different since I was a kid. In the search to optimize and perfect a design, some crews take things to a whole new level. One such team is Curve Vehicle Design.
You may have heard of Curve Vehicle Design (CVD) before here on autoevolution. If you haven't, get ready for a real treat. CVD is a design consultancy firm that specializes in just about any form of transportation, just perfect for occupying your visual cortex.

Over the years, this crew has delivered countless successful projects to customers worldwide. With an ability to cover nearly every aspect of vehicle design, from concept to modeling and even manufacturing, this is one of those teams that whips out unique and one-of-a-kind designs. But, today we'll be looking at something more up my alley, an electric gravel bike design.

It's called Expedition, and if you've had a look in the gallery, you can darn well understand how far this team goes when they put their minds to something. Just think of how their vehicle designs end up looking. I've added an image or two of some of their concept cars as a little Christmas treat.

As for Expedition, this gravel bike may be unlike anything else you've seen so far; have a nice long look. One of the main features of this bike is that CVD has created it to be completed using carbon fiber, lain together to form a monocoque frame. While it is considered a gravel bike, I can't help but notice the cyclocross cues.

Expedition Gravel E\-Bike
Photo: CURVE Vehicle Design Ltd
Sure, a monocoque frame may not be unique, but the frame geometry, particularly the rear triangle, is very different from what I've seen. For example, by redesigned rear reveals chainstays that are projected well above the drivetrain. The only benefit I can see in this design is that of providing some suspension to the rear.

While Expedition seems to be presenting one of those "you can't see it, but it's there" scenarios, it is designed to be an e-bike. The downtube is said to house an integrated battery with a fast-release function, while the motor is housed directly into the BB like any solid e-bike should. The frame is also built around it, helping protect this crucial component.

However, that's all we know. There's no mention of the level of power the battery provides or how much assistance the motor will offer. Again, CVD's forte is to build eye-catching and clean designs. Judging by the integration of the battery pack and motor, all that's needed at this point is some wealthy cyclist to ask CVD to whip up this bike for real. I wonder if SRAM or Shimano will be controlling everything, maybe Gates Carbon Drive?

Expedition Gravel E\-Bike
Photo: CURVE Vehicle Design Ltd
One feature I found somewhat exaggerated is the cockpit; it looks like a very long stem is used. However, that may just be an optical illusion as the bike frame is relatively tight, and the only way to position a rider in a proper position is to put the handlebars out in front a bit more.

If you happen to look even closer at the cockpit, you'll notice that everything appears to be electronically controlled. There's a button for everything, not so much braking, and an LCD display integrated into the handlebar. Speaking of integration, headlights and taillights are built-in, obviously button-controlled.

Like most other bikepacking machines around, the Expedition is meant to be able to carry everything you need for your biking adventures. The frame's forward triangle can be filled with cargo carriers for water and food, while at the front and rear of the Expedition, cargo bays for a tent and other gear are found. Your tool kit will be set on the top tube between your legs.

If you wanted to see what the application of years of vehicle design can do to a bike, the Expedition is clearly a prime candidate. All that's needed now is some wealthy soul to commission this beauty; the design is waiting.
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Editor's note: Please note that the image gallery also includes other Curve Vehicle Design concepts.

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