Have You Seen the Tesla Cybertruck's Rear Wheel Steering System at Work? It's a Must-Have

Tesla Cybertruck 4-wheel steering 6 photos
Photo: Tokyotesla on Twitter
Tesla Cybertruck 4-wheel steeringTesla Cybertruck 4-wheel steeringTesla Cybertruck 4-wheel steeringTesla Cybertruck 4-wheel steeringTesla Cybertruck 4-wheel steering
Tesla Cybertruk is not the first car in the world to feature four-wheel steering. It’s not even the first electric pick-up to steer all four wheels, as Hummer EV1 is already doing it. But Cybertruck surely is the first out-of-this-world electric pick-up to do so.
This weekend, Twitter user Tokyotesla posted a 30-second video showing what appears to be a private Cybetruck demonstration of some sort. The video already has over 4 million views, and there’s a big chance it will be closer to 5 million or even past that mark when you watch it.

Now, don’t expect some exciting footage, because it’s nothing like a promo video. It’s a low-quality video, recorded with an ok-ish phone camera – it’s up to you to decide if it’s an iPhone or another brand. What matters now is that it got what it’s important.

It looks like some kind of handling test, as the Cybertruck is taking some left and right turns around some poles inside a big hall. It could be the Gigafactory, but again this is of no importance for now. Let's stick to the main feature.

More interesting is how the rear wheels are turning. Of course, they turn in the opposite direction, otherwise, the car would simply slide diagonally – like the Hummer EV1 does when CrabWalk is engaged. By the way, we bet the Cybertruck can also “walk like a crab.”

But for now, we noticed that the rear wheels turn at a lower angle compared to the front wheels. This is not a bug, as other four-wheel steering vehicles are doing the same. It most likely has something to do with limited space in the rear because of the cargo bed.

The bottom line is the four-wheel steering feature helps a lot with the handling, as the Tesla Cybertruck is not a pocket pick-up. Its length is close to 240 in (6 meters), but steering the wheels in the back helps to turn more efficiently in smaller places.

We’ll have to wait for the official unveiling of the Cybertruck or some out-of-the-sky tweet from Elon Musk to find out if the 4-wheel steering is available at any speed or if there’s a limit for it. For instance, in Hummer EV1 the 4-Wheel Steer feature is enabled at speeds lower than 25 mph (40 kph).

In the meantime, we have also noticed that this is one of the best videos up to now showing us the bold look of the Tesla Cybertruck. In the first second of the clip, you can even see a tall guy standing next to it, and this is a pretty convincing hint about the truck’s size.

But most of all, make time to read the comments. They will show you that Cybertruck’s design is a matter of “love it or hate it, there’s no middle way.” We’re not sure if we really like it or dislike it, but it surely is a car that deserves a place in the hall of fame of automotive history.

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