This Is How the Musk-Reviewed Beta Cybertruck Looks and Drives in Real Life

The latest Tesla Cybertruck prototype features a new side mirror design 10 photos
Photo: Flavio Tronzano via Instagram
Tesla Cybertruck prototype at Cyber RodeoEarlier Cybertruck prototype next to a couple of "Project Highland" Model 3sEarlier Cybertruck prototype hauling tires in the trunkEarlier Cybertruck prototype hauling tires in the trunkTesla Cybertruck prototype at Cyber RodeoTesla Cybertruck prototype at Cyber RodeoTesla Cybertruck prototype at Cyber RodeoTesla Cybertruck prototype at Cyber RodeoTesla Cybertruck prototype at Cyber Rodeo
The same day Musk confirmed he had reviewed the Tesla Cybertruck in production beta, the internet started filling up with pictures and videos of the actual prototype. The latest iteration of the electric pickup truck sports a new side mirror design and other modifications over the previous prototypes.
Update: Elon Musk confirmed that the prototype in the video is very close to the production model. “Yeah. Still many small tweaks to make it better (and the side mirrors are removable by owner), but this is very close to production design.”

As Tesla nears the Cybertruck production, the EV maker becomes more secretive about everything related to the electric pickup truck. People following progress at Giga Texas confirmed that Tesla even took the extreme step of covering the windows of the Cybertruck production facility. Nevertheless, crowd-sourced information is filling the void, with some speculations and hard facts revealing interesting details about the production-ready Cybertruck.

After Elon Musk confirmed he reviewed the production beta prototype of the truck, social media was shaken by the pictures and videos of the prototype. It sports interesting modifications, although some of them failed to attract the usual cheers from the Tesla community. It’s hard to judge a vehicle from just a short video, but it seems Tesla has toned down the original concept, and the “CGI in real life” mantra is no longer valid.

We’ll start with the obvious, which is the new side mirror design. Tesla opted for a tetrahedron shape that better suits the Cybertruck design. Indeed, this is miles better than the huge side mirrors on the previously-spotted prototypes, although it might be less efficient at covering blind spots around the truck. We can’t say we dislike the new design. It’s just less functional than before.

Another striking detail is the rear door, which appears to have been modified. In the previous prototypes, the rear window featured a panel with a white button at the bottom to open the door. In the latest prototype, on the other hand, this panel is missing, which means the rear door opening might be triggered from the B-pillar, like the front doors.

Another detail stirred discontent in the Tesla community and concerned the taillights. People lament the apparent lack of a light strip as in previous prototypes. Instead, the beta Cybertruck only features spot taillights. While arguably less visually appealing, the new lights are probably better for a work-ready, rugged truck.

The biggest disappointment, though, is the realization that the Tesla Cybertruck prototype in the video doesn’t feature all-wheel steering. This is not different from a previous prototype we saw at Giga Texas in preparation for the Cyber Rodeo event last year. All-wheel steering helps a great deal in maneuvering a large truck like the Cybertruck in tight spots like parking garages. Nevertheless, we have the impression that this prototype has a shorter wheelbase than the previous ones, so this might be less of an issue.

Probably encouraged by the latest leaks, other social media users shared their own encounters with Cybertruck prototypes. One of them was hauling eight big tires in the bed, which gave us a pretty good idea about how useful the truck’s bed is. We want to know what you think about the new Cybertruck prototype. Head to the comment section below and share your thoughts.

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