Tesla Cybertruck Might Feature a Breakthrough Windshield Made of Special Glass

Tesla Cybertruck might feature a breakthrough windshield 8 photos
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Patent filing drawings for the special glassPatent filing drawings for the special glassPatent filing drawings for the special glassPatent filing drawings for the special glassTesla CybertruckTesla CybertruckTesla Cybertruck
Tesla is expected to start the Cybertruck production later this year, and people are excited about the innovative features of the much-hyped electric pickup. A recent patent filed by Tesla shows details about an intriguing windshield that can feature “aggressive” curves and lines that can’t be achieved with normal automotive glass.
When it was first introduced to the world, the Tesla Cybertruck made some jaws drop, and some Tesla fans drool. The bizarrely-shaped electric pickup truck looked like nothing else in the automotive world. And it didn’t just look out of this world, but also introduced features that made it revolutionary. Among them was the unique armor glass, which made headlines when it was shattered on stage by Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen.

You get it: Tesla has a fetish for glass and has its own division specialized in glass research and development. The work on glass has allowed it to produce and fit Tesla cars with strong glass roofs that can withstand incredibly high forces in the case of a crash. For the Cybertruck, the EV maker took this to the next level with the “Tesla Armor Glass.” The ultra-strong glass features layers of polymer composite “to absorb and redirect the impact force for improved performance and damage tolerance,” as Tesla advertises it.

In the meantime, Tesla developed new glass technologies and recently acquired a patent for a new type of glass and the accompanying manufacturing technique. Its special feature is the ability to form aggressive lines and curves that are impossible to achieve with traditional automotive glass. More specifically, Tesla speaks about achieving shorter radiuses of curvature by applying localized heat to one or more locations of the glass structure.

According to the patent, the radius of curvature of the feature line or bend in the glass structure can be as small as 2 mm. The same patent describes a similar manufacturing technique that applies to multilayered glass. This is a glass sandwich that includes a polymer layer, the same as with current windshields. Tesla might point to an actual wrap-around windshield like the one of the Semi, but the patent filing includes drawings of the Cybertruck.

I’m not sure what is going on here, considering that the Cybertruck doesn’t have a single curved surface. The patent filing doesn’t mention the Tesla Cybertruck, although the drawings depict the electric pickup truck. According to the filing, the patent covers “techniques for forming glass structures for use in a vehicle (a car, a truck, a semi-truck, and so on) or other apparatus.” The patent also mentions that it might refer to exterior glass, such as the windshield or the windows, and interior glass, for use in the dashboard, instrument panel, and even door panels.

While this new glass-forming technique sounds interesting, we’re sure people would like Tesla to address the problem posed by the humongous windscreen wiper. This was an eyesore on the Cybertruck prototypes observed so far. Thankfully, Tesla filed another patent for a more elegant solution to clean the windshield.
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 Download: Patent filing application for automotive glass structure (PDF)

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