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Grizl 7 Suspension May Be Primed To Hit a Sweet Spot in the Cycling Industry
Every once in a while, a manufacturer chooses to do the whole thing (cycling) differently. In today's case, that manufacturer is Canyon Bicycles, and that "differently" is the Grizl 7 Suspension gravel bike.

Grizl 7 Suspension May Be Primed To Hit a Sweet Spot in the Cycling Industry

Grizl 7 Suspension CockpitGrizl 7 Suspension Frame MountsGrizl 7 Suspension ForkGrizl 7 Suspension FrameGrizl 7 Suspension CockpitGrizl 7 Suspension
That's right folks, what you see here is nothing more than a gravel bike that's ready with a suspension system, hence the name, Grizl 7 Suspension. If the name Grizl sounds familiar, it's because Canyon has unleashed an entire lineup of bikes aimed at gravel domination, but this one is a tad different.

Getting right into the thick of things, Suspension is a gravel wonder that won't leave you with too big a dent in your budget. As is, Canyon prices this puppy at 2,500 USD (2,215 EUR at current exchange rates). That alone tells you a few things about the bike.

Even though it's created using a geometry like the other Grizl bikes, the frame is completed from nothing more than aluminum, and that's no problem as technology has really taken off in recent times; frames seem to be as durable as ever.

Normally, this is where I would talk about the fork lightly, but seeing as how this bike does things completely different, the RockShox Rudy fork found at the front deserves a tad more attention.

Right from the start, the 30 mm (1.2 in) of travel that this fork offers may not seem like much, but when you hit a root, larger stones, and even cracks in the asphalt, those 1.2 in should help do a whole lot for your ride. It's also enough to not affect your pedaling action too much.

One downside you may find is that this Grizl no longer has the same capability of cargo-carrying as the others; it's lacking the fork mounts. However, tech for the win again because we're starting to see manufacturers that design and build cargo mounts for suspension fork bikes.

From here, Canyon adds Shimano's GRX810 front and rear derailleur as the bike features a 2x drivetrain and an HG700 cassette with 11-34T. The neat thing about GRX is that shifting and braking are all controlled via one lever. That said, braking is handled by a pair of RT70 rotors. Don't worry about brake and derailleur lines, as everything is internally routed.

One feature of gravel bikes is that they offer a larger tire in comparison to road bikes; this helps soften up vibrations and bumps. To do that, Canyon throws a pair of Schwalbe G-One Bite tires onto DT Swiss Gravel LN wheels.

Believe it or not, some carbon did make it onto this Grizl and comes in the shape of a seat post. The carbon also brings some more vibration-reducing properties.

As for the final aspect of the Grizl lineup, this bike, too, is studded in mounts of all kinds so that you can transform this seemingly simple bike into something you can even use as transportation on off-road travels.

With the possibility to add fenders, racks, and just about anything else you can think of, Grizl 7 Suspension looks like it may be fulfilling a sweet spot in terms of a do-it-all kind of bike.

About Canyon, there isn't much to say. After all, the fact that they've only been around since 2002 and already produce machines that compete with brands like Giant, Trek, and Specialized, basically speaks for itself.

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