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Tailfin Front Fork Mount System Unlocks Bikepacking Possibilities for Suspension Bikes
Technology is advancing at a tremendous rate. With this advancement, we see hundreds, if not thousands, of devices and trinkets that promise to solve everyday problems. One industry that you'd think couldn't be tinkered with anymore is cycling; not true at all.

Tailfin Front Fork Mount System Unlocks Bikepacking Possibilities for Suspension Bikes

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Folks, if you're someone who owns a bike of any kind with a front suspension fork, then you know the limits they hold. For example, if you ride a front suspension bicycle, chances are that you may have tried to mount a cargo rack of sorts to your fork and noticed that most current tech doesn't allow it; you need fork mounts.

Cue Tailfin Cycling, a manufacturer of bike packing gear, and their newest addition to the equipment they offer, the SFM (Suspension Fork Mount). While SFMs are nothing new, this mount does offer a bit of an advantage over other fork mounts, that of being able to carry multiple bags or cages per fork leg.

Now, the new SFM is available in two different materials, carbon and steel, selling for 50 GBP (69 USD at current exchange rates) and 30 GBP (41 USD at current exchange rates), respectively, and if you choose to buy a set, here's what you're going to be getting. Overall, each set offers a loading limit of 3 kg (6.6 lbs) on trails and 5 kg (11 lbs) on gravel routes.

That limit is attained by using two bags, a bag plus a water bottle cage, or just two water bottle cages; mix and match as you please. One thing to know about these SFMs is that they come with nothing else except the two clamps. Everything else like cages and supports for bags, you'll have to either own already or pick up along the way.

The beauty behind this little trinket is that it can fit most suspension forks on the market. It covers a lower leg diameter range of 36 mm (1.41 in) to 45 mm (1.77 in), making it suitable for most brands on the market, including Fox and RockShox. Oh, you're running a lefty? Well, as long as your lefty falls within the diameter range mentioned above, you won't have any issues; it's even applicable to Lefty Ocho forks that Cannondale is running on some bikes. In short, most front suspension bikes from major manufacturers are covered.

However, some questions need answering. Damage to your fork is tricky and depends on quite a few factors, of which about 90% is because of the way you mounted the SFMs. Tailfin offers an array of rubber dampers to help minimize movement and vibrations against the fork and keep the SFMs from damaging the lower legs; this all depends on what size damper you use and how tight you've worked the bolts.

If you do pick up a set, make sure you read all the instructions so that you don't end up having to buy a new fork. One common occurrence that will affect your fork's performance and possible health is overtightening. However, Tailfin tested the system over and over to develop one that requires minimal clamping force.

If you're someone like me that loves to ride a hardtail, SFMs are a sort of godsend to helping you push the limits on your rides and how much further you can now travel.

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