Front-Engined Lamborghini Aventador Is the Anti-Corvette Statement

Putting the engine in the wrong place is one of the most interesting things happening in the sports car world right now. But where is the right place? Now that the Chevy Corvette has it in the same location as every Italian exotic, maybe it's time for Lamborghini to consider a different future for the Aventador.
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Photo: YouTube screenshot/TheSketchMonkey
We're kidding. The Aventador is one of the most amazing machines ever, but it's getting a little old. It came out roughly four batman movies ago and has stayed alive only through numerous small updates.

In this video, TheSketchMonkey raises the possibility that a replacement could end up looking like the Terzo Millennio or the Sian. He points out how the Estoque concept previewed many of the design elements we have today on the Huracan or Urus.

The Estoque was also the first Lambo in a long time to have the engine in the front. It was a luxury 4-door pet project of the company CEO at the time and was later dropped. However, every few years, people try to imagine what a production front-engined Aventador might look like.

That's what's happening here. Changing the layout of the car is hard work, but we think the outcome makes it worthwhile. It's got fantastic proportions that won't age.

Lamborghini is currently known for its flamboyant, flashy mid-engined supercars. But in the old days, the company wanted to make faster, more powerful, and reliable GTs than Ferrari. There's a whole series of cars that had V12s in the front, and we think all of them are amazing.

Ferrari, meanwhile, has never stopped making its V12 "berlinettas" that way. They certainly had a unique handling characteristic as a result, but it also has to do with them not using AWD.

We want to hear from you guys: should V12 Raging Bulls make the change and are they even going to be relevant in the era of EVs?

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