AlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversion
Volkswagen’s ID. range of electric vehicles, including the ID. Buzz van, managed to grab the attention of European customers, judging by the number of reservations and positive reactions it received on the old continent.

First VW ID. Buzz Camper Conversion Comes from AlpinCamper and Gives Off Retro Vibes

AlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversionAlpinCamper's ID. Buzz van conversion
Considering the successful reception of the all-electric ID. Buzz, the popularity of camper conversions nowadays, and the legacy of VW buses being designed for outdoor camping, the German car manufacturer announced that it would also offer a camper version of its new van under the California brand.

The news got many people excited, but the company’s motorhome won’t come until 2025. Worry not, though, as aftermarket companies have seized the opportunity to fill the gap, and we’ve already seen a camper kit with removable furniture for the ID. Buzz from Ququq. It was just a matter of time until someone brought an ID. Buzz-based camper conversion to the market, as well.

German outfitter AlpinCamper has unveiled an ID. Buzz camper conversion during this year’s edition of the world’s largest tourism and leisure consumer trade fair, CMT - Die Urlaubmesse 2023.

The ID. Buzz might have taken a long time to reach the production phase, but all signs seem to indicate that it has the potential to become the most popular product Volkswagen has developed since the first-gen Type 2 Bus, which inspired the new minivan’s design. It is sure to attract nostalgic customers and camping enthusiasts alike.

But until the official camper build from Volkswagen comes out, let’s have a look at what AlpinCamper’s version has to offer. At first glance, we notice that the campervan conversion is based on the regular wheelbase version of the ID. Buzz, and judging by the hubcaps and the blank plastic instead of a light bar, it seems to be the more affordable variant.

AlpinCamper's ID\. Buzz van conversion
A look inside the front compartment reveals that the model features dark grey seats and dashboard, just like the Cargo variant of the Buzz.

The exterior of AlpinCamper’s motorhome is finished in white and features some lacquered black elements. It doesn’t differ too much from a stock ID. Buzz, with the only notable changes being the small protection bar at the front and the pop-up roof tent.

The extendable roof is manufactured by Reimo, and unlike in other van conversions, its role is not to provide additional sleeping space but to create more headroom inside the bus. Moreover, the tent has windows on all sides to let fresh air and natural light get inside the bus.

The interior is what really stands out at this conversion. Designed to comfortably accommodate two people, the interior is completely redesigned with a retro vibe that reminisces of the campers of yesteryear. It features a relatively generous living area that includes a long bench behind the driver’s seat that can be turned either into a one-person bed, which would leave a passage to the front, or into a full-size bed for two, which will measure 4 x 6.4 feet (1.20 x 1.95 meters).

A total of 6 feet (1.84 meters) of interior height will ensure that passengers can stand upright and move freely in the living space.

AlpinCamper's ID\. Buzz van conversion
Opposite the seating area, there’s a small kitchenette equipped with beautiful green cabinets with large drawers, a sink, an induction cooktop, and an electric water heating system. There is also an integrated fridge in a drawer under the bench and a fold-out worktop extension. It might be small, but it looks quite practical and well-equipped for its size, so camping lovers have what they need for a quick meal prep inside this van conversion.

The removable waste water and fresh water canisters are hidden inside the kitchen cabinet and can each hold 3.2 gallons (12 liters).

According to the builder, they only used eco-friendly materials for everything they fitted inside. Moreover, they chose bright colors in order to make the area seem larger than it is, while an LED light strip borders the interior of the pop-up roof tent. A light avocado shade was mixed with wood trim for the furniture. The retro feeling is achieved by the addition of the plaid patterned sofa.

AlpinCamper's ID\. Buzz van conversion
A quite clever touch is that all the electric components for the living area are out of sight, hidden under the passenger seat. As for the owners’ storage needs, AlpinCamper included some large drawers underneath the bench seat, and there are also small shelves/storage areas above the kitchenette and over the seating area.

The German outfitter hasn’t mentioned anything about the powertrain of the ID. Buzz they converted, so it’s safe to assume no changes were made to the electric drive system. For those out of the loop, VW’s electric van is powered by an electric motor capable of a peak output of 201 hp (150 kilowatts) and 229 pound-feet (310 Nm) of torque.

When the factory camper conversion for the ID. Buzz finally sees the day of light, it is expected to be based on the long-wheelbase version, most likely to leverage the larger interior volume.

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