2024 Volkswagen Golf Photos, engines & full specs

Body style: Hatchback
Segment: Compact
Infotainment: Apple CarPlay icon Apple CarPlay   Android Auto icon Android Auto  
Production years: 2024

VOLKSWAGEN Golf 2024 4 Photos
VOLKSWAGEN Golf (2024)VOLKSWAGEN Golf (2024)VOLKSWAGEN Golf (2024)VOLKSWAGEN Golf (2024)

Volkswagen refreshed the eighth generation of its famous model Golf in 2024, half a century after the nameplate's introduction in 1974.

With more than 37 million units sold, the Golf is the most important nameplate in the compact-sized segment of the vehicles. The first generation's production had started back in March 1974, but the car was two months later. Meanwhile, there were no less than eight generations of this moniker. Even though there were many other significant competitors on the market, which outsold the Golf in 2023, Volkswagen's compact-sized vehicle was still the best-known model in its class.

Volkswagen knew that the front fascia of the Golf 8.5 should sport a significant design element that could make it stand apart from the crowd. As a result, it offered an illuminated logo on the upper grille as an option. Moreover, it installed a horizontal LED stripe above it, which visually connected the LED headlights. Depending on the grade, the Golf was available with either a regular lower bumper that sported a three-slat grille while those fitted with the S-Line package featured an aggressive apron with a honeycomb mesh on it resembling the performant GTI model.

From its profile, the Golf 8.5 wasn't that much different from its predecessor. Still, depending on the engine version, it sported a wide logo under the front door mirrors. Volkswagen offered the Golf 8.5 in four grades: Golf, Life, Style, and R-Line. Above these, there were the GTE and the GTI versions, which had their specific features since those were more potent. Just like its non-facelifted sibling, it was available as a five-door option. All versions had alloy wheels starting with 17 inches in size, with options for up to 19 inches. At the back, the Golf had two options for LED taillights.

Inside, the automaker installed a standard 10.2-inch screen inside the instrument cluster. Drivers could customize the information displayed depending on their preferences. They could do that via the buttons on the steering wheel. Volkswagen listened to its customers who complained about the touch buttons used on the Golf 8 and fixed that issue with the facelifted version. Atop the center stack, the car was offered with a standard 10.4-inch touch screen, with an option for a 12.9-inch one. Unfortunately, Volkswagen seemed to have missed the memo where most buyers complained about the lack of turn-volume knob or about the sliders needed to control the HVAC, so it left them the same way. The only change was that the sliders were now permanently illuminated.

Under the hood, the automaker installed a wide choice of engines. It offered the Golf with either gasoline, mild-hybrid, or plug-in hybrid versions. Moreover, it still offered the Golf with turbo diesel powerplants, an option that seemed to be very attractive to its buyers. Power was sent to the front wheels only via either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic (dual-clutch) gearbox. Depending on the power level, the Golf 8.5 featured a torsion beam or an independent suspension at the back.

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