Football Fan Can't Find the Way out of the Car Park, Drives His Volkswagen Down the Stairs

Driver takes the stairs trying to exit the stadium car park 6 photos
Photo: Itatiaia Esporte | YouTube
Driver takes the stairs trying to exit the stadium car parkDriver takes the stairs trying to exit the stadium car parkDriver takes the stairs trying to exit the stadium car parkDriver takes the stairs trying to exit the stadium car parkDriver takes the stairs trying to exit the stadium car park
Sometimes, car parks can be very confusing. You just keep following the Exist sign just to realize, minutes later, that you have been going in circles, and you find yourself in the exact same spot you were in the first place. For a football fan driving a Volkswagen out of the parking lot of a stadium, things turned even more complicated. He took the stairs and got stuck.
Cruzeiro's first game of the Brazilian Serie A turned into a nightmare for a football fan, who was unable to find his way out of the parking lot after Cruzeiro scored a last-minute goal to beat Botafogo 3-2. Instead of driving down the ramp specifically designed for cars, he took the stairs, in his desperate attempt to find the exist.

However, the route did not work for him, and the car remained trapped down the narrow staircase. It was soon clear for him that there was no way out so, the only thing he could do was to call the emergency number to get him out of there.

There was no room for him to open the doors, so the driver, his wife, and their son had to come out of the car through the tailgate. They were not injured in the incident.

Firefighters arrived at the scene in no time and were surprised to see the Volkswagen tilted to its front down the stairs. The owner explained to them that he had seen a sign, which indicated that the exit was that way. It was, though not for cars, but for people. He also told them that he does not come to the stadium often.

To pull the car back up, the firefighters had to tow a rope underneath the car and pull it back. They also inflated a rubber cushion and placed it under the vehicle to avoid damage.

According to The Sun, the recovery operation took around 90 minutes to solve. Later that evening, the owner was able to drive home in his Volkswagen.

There are many drivers who prefer to take the stairs 

This obviously isn't the first time a driver takes the stairs to get to their destination. Back in January, we reported about two drivers in Edinburgh, who were unaware of the Google Maps error. They just went along with what the navigation app suggested and ended up stuck on the stairs. Firefighters had to be called twice for the same type of incident.

It also happened in Mallorca, Spain, this past January. And that time, too, Google Maps was to blame. Of course, the driver who blindingly followed the route provided by the app and ended up trapped in a narrow staircase is completely innocent. The one behind the wheel thought that the stairs were a shortcut to their destination. It turned out to be a... "longcut."

Tom Cruise did it, too, but that was intentional. It was all for shooting a car chase scene for "Mission: Impossible." The Fiat 500 he was driving drove down the stairs in Piazza Navona, in Rome.

Little did we know when the blockbuster hit the theaters that the Fiat had undergone a "heart" transplant. Its two-cylinder engine with a capacity of only 479 cc had been removed and replaced with a 500-horsepower electric motor from a Tesla. And there was no way in the world he could have blamed Google Maps for the stunt that made us all forget to breathe.

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