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First Tesla Semi Official Video Released Less Than 24 Hours from Its Reveal

It certainly looks as though Tesla is biting more than it can chew with the Semi, but that's only because we're seeing things from this moment's perspective. With the Model 3 production on tatters - and the main bottleneck proven to be caused by battery module production, which is something that would affect all Tesla models - it seems like a whole new type of vehicle should be the last thing on the company's mind.
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Tesla Semi teaserTesla Semi teaserTesla Semi teaserTesla Semi teaserTesla Semi teaser
And yet Tesla seems determined to launch into the trucking business, though it might be targeting short- and medium-distance hauling at first. Elon Musk has been full of praise for everyone involved in this project, but then again Tesla never really had problems coming up with good designs and attractive prototypes. Switching to mass production was when things got hairy, and none of its vehicles so far made an exception.

The Model 3, for example, is still mostly a mystery since the only people to get it so far are either Tesla employees or have another sort of close connection to the company (investors, for example). That means we don't have any real independent review so far, but one analyst who got a hands-on experience said its fit and finish quality was "relatively poor."

We can't judge a car based solely on what one person says, but factor in Tesla's track record on the matter, and his opinion suddenly weighs a lot more. But we're getting carried away with the 3 again instead of talking about the Semi electric truck.

The event will take place today at 8:00 PM Pacific Time and will be broadcast live over the company's usual channels. You can use this time zone converter to see what that hour translates to for where you live, and set the alarm clock accordingly (because it's likely to be either very early or very late).

Elon Musk has been building up the anticipation for the event with some rather childish tweets, but we guess seeing him in such a good mood is a positive sign for things to come. Earlier this week he said the electric semi would “blow your mind clear out of your skull," which might be a bit too graphic for everyone's taste.

Now, he's come back with another, much less violent message. Well, it still includes fighting, but it's against aliens, so it's alright. Releasing the first official video with the Tesla Semi, Musk said: "it can transform into a robot, fight aliens, and make one hell of a latte." Clearly, only one of those three statements is true, and only if aliens decide to jaywalk right in front of it.


Tesla Semi Unveil | 11.16 | watch live at, 8pm PT

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