Tesla Model S Zero to 60 Designs Body Kit Looks Like a Fighter Plane at SEMA

While internal combustion enthusiasts might find the presence of a Tesla at SEMA hard to swallow, a California-based developer has ensured that a Model S grabs tons of attention at the happening-now edition of the show. We're talking about Zero to Designs and its sleek Model S body kit.
Tesla Model S Zero to 60 Designs Body Kit 3 photos
Tesla Model S Zero to 60 Designs Body KitTesla Model S Zero to 60 Designs Body Kit
As you'll be able to notice in the Instagram media at the bottom of the page, the lines of the aero package seem to follow the tastefully restrained rules, while still setting the machine apart from the factory design.

Of course, the color scheme seen here does quite a lot and there are two elements that need to be mentioned. First of all, the shade of grey seen on the EV makes us think of an electric fighter plane.

Secondly, all the black accents of the sedan, from the wheels or the trunk lid lip spoiler to the window tint, do a great job at creating contrast. We must also mention the multi-spoke wheels of the electric sedan, whose slim spokes allow us to check out the red brake calipers of the machine.

As for the polarising cabin transformation included in the job, the SEMA floor image speaks for itself.

This package also serves a greater role, as it helps the snowball that is the Tesla aftermarket realm to keep rolling.

Of course, there are certain fans who are more interested in the performance side of the Tesla tuning market. And one very interesting example of this comes from a YouTube-famous father and son crew.

The team has gone for a reversible racecar conversion, stripping out their Model S P100D, while also adding a custom wheel and tire package (yes, Mickey Thompson hardware is involved).

As a result of the diet, the P100D now tips the scales at 4,460 lbs, which makes its 500 lbs lighter than the stock model.

The still-not-featherweight Model S has thus managed to set a quarter-mile record, with the electron juice sipper playing the 1,320 feet game in 10.41s at 125.12 mph.


Our #custom #tesla is sitting pretty in the @solargardwindowfilm booth, we made a unique, more aerodynamic design that gives it a real supercar look. We also partnered with #solargard and added some #lx #tint and #clearshieldhydro

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It's official our #tesla with @solargardwindowfilm is a hit, non stop attention and everyone loves our concept. More aerodynamic and that #aerodynamic with that #supercar feel. #teslamodels #sema2017 #custom #clearshieldprohydro #tint #sgpartner #hre

A post shared by Kenny Pfitzer (@zeroto60designs) on Nov 2, 2017 at 11:23am PDT


A post shared by Kenny Pfitzer (@zeroto60designs) on Oct 28, 2017 at 1:26pm PDT


A post shared by Kenny Pfitzer (@zeroto60designs) on Nov 2, 2017 at 6:28pm PDT


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