Concrete-Gray Bagged Daytona SP3 on Aerodiscs Aims for Virtual Cease and Desist

Daytona SP3 bagged CGI makeover by bradbuilds 9 photos
Photo: bradbuilds / Instagram
Daytona SP3 bagged CGI makeover by bradbuildsDaytona SP3 bagged CGI makeover by bradbuildsDaytona SP3 bagged CGI makeover by bradbuildsDaytona SP3 bagged CGI makeover by bradbuildsDaytona SP3 bagged CGI makeover by bradbuildsDaytona SP3 bagged CGI makeover by bradbuildsDaytona SP3 bagged CGI makeover by bradbuildsDaytona SP3 bagged CGI makeover by bradbuilds
While kids would have a tough time figuring out why people spend so much on exclusivity, adults can be obsessed with stuff that costs an arm and a leg and is owned by very few others.
Throw any toddler or youngling the keys to a priceless mansion or the ladder to a DIY tree house that cost as much as the doorknob on the former – and you’re most likely going to see them climbing the latter. Give them the ride of their life to something they love in a Dacia Sandero or scare them in a rumbling, bumbling sports car, and they will probably run away crying from the latter, no matter what you say about burnouts, V8s, and quarter-mile ETs.

The reverse psychology works, as well. Give an adult the option to buy an ultra-expensive Ferrari, and they will probably stop at nothing to own it. No matter the $2.25 million price tag, mesmerized solely by the fact that it’s an exclusive piece of motoring art that can only be had by 599 other folks around the world. Of course, diehard Prancing Horse fans have already figured out that I am talking about the bonkers Ferrari Daytona SP3.

As the name suggests, it is the new act of the Italian automaker’s ‘Icona’ series of high-performance sports cars, created after the resounding success of the initial Monza SP limited production variants. Interestingly, they say that all 499 owners of the SP1 and SP2 now also have an SP3 earmarked for production, with the remaining 100 examples offered to previous Ferrari owners of limited-edition models. They sure love to keep it within a tight family of 0.1 percenters, right?

Well, that does not matter – even if a letter of cease and desist arrives at the door – to the imaginative realm of virtual automotive artists. And there is no need to take our word for granted, as we have an eloquent example from Brad. He is the pixel master and DIY tinkerer behind the bradbuilds account on social media, who is again back into CGI action after a rather long hiatus with something cool.

Few people would dare paint their normal cars in a concrete-like gray, let alone a multi-million-dollar limited edition sports car. Alas, the digital realm has no such constraints, so here it is, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 looking like it just came from a visit at the local construction site, and someone dropped a slab of liquid concrete on it. Additionally, has anyone noticed that it rides lower than usual?

That is because the ‘priceless’ Ferrari is also bagged! Plus, let us not forget to mention the JDM-style influence, considering the bronze-hued aftermarket wheels, or the copper-like front Aerodiscs! All in all, not bad at all. But does it get our CGI hall pass, or not?

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