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Cedar Creek's 385TH Fifth Wheel Stands Out With a Luscious Interior and a Toy Garage
In my search for unique and stand-apart mobile habitats, I've run across a hidden gem, Cedar Creek's 385TH toy hauler. I'm calling it a gem because it was simply hidden among other fifth wheels that can't do what this one can. Grab your gear, and let's take a trip.

Cedar Creek's 385TH Fifth Wheel Stands Out With a Luscious Interior and a Toy Garage

385TH GarageCedar Creek Fifth Wheel Exterior FeatureCedar Creek Fifth Wheel ExteriorCedar Creek Fifth Wheel ExteriorCedar Creek Fifth Wheel Exterior385TH Shower385TH Bathroom385TH Dinette385TH Kitchen385TH Kitchen385TH Kitchen385TH Entertainment Lounge385TH Entertainment Lounge385TH Bedroom385TH Bedroom385TH Bedroom
Yes, RVs, mobile homes, or campers are here to stay, and industry leaders like Forest River (FR) know this. After all, people will always want to escape the city life in search of those nooks and crannies that haven't seen a human footprint, if there is such a thing. One brand under the FR umbrella is Cedar Creek, known for massive fifth-wheel travel trailers that boast the comforts of home and then some. Considering some people have large families, lots of motorized toys, or just want to explore in utter comfort. It's for this type of customer that the 385TH has been created.

According to the manufacturer's website, this floorplan is one of ten offered options, aside from "Dealer Stock." However, this is the one and only option that can accommodate motorized toys, and it's for this reason alone I chose to bring this mobile habitat to light. To cut to the chase, the rear of this unit features a walk-around bedroom with a king bed sitting in the middle of it all. While that already seems like a hefty load, underneath this bedroom sits nothing more than a garage suitable for things like an ATV, ATC, a couple of motocross bikes, or maybe your e-bike and kayaks. Whatever you feel like cramming into this huge storage space is up to you and your lifestyle.

Now, that garage is simply part of the story that this floorplan has in store. For the rest, I want you to imagine that you've made it out to those campgrounds you had marked on the map, and after a day of exploring the local lands, fishing in a stream, or hiking, you come back to your mobile home and park your vehicles, drop the gear, and climb inside of a warm and cozy cave.

It's at this point that you can really get a feel for the magic that Cedar Creek adds to every fifth wheel they build; the 385TH is no exception. The first space you may need to access is the bathroom, fit with shower, separate toilet – no wet baths here – or that island kitchen to whip up a sandwich to tie you over until dinner is ready. If you're extra filthy, use the exterior shower hookup to clean off and leave dirt and gunk outside.

Once you're nice and clean, take to the galley and unleash your Master Chef skills, made possible with a four-burner top, residential fridge, and two sinks integrated into the island countertop; more than enough room and accessories to feed the family. Your foodstuffs will be found in the countless overhead cabinets and storage cubbies tattered throughout the unit.

I also want to point out the partitions Cedar Creek has integrated into the layout of the 385TH. The bedroom sits at the rear and is separated from the rest of the RV with a set of stairs and a door. The kitchen sits in the middle of the unit, and after cooking and dining is complete, head to the front of the unit, again, using a set of stairs, and access the massive entertainment lounge. Not only is there theater seating available here, but there are also two tri-fold sofas, a fireplace, and hidden TV. Obviously, a sound system is part of the package.

But, the forte of this area isn't necessarily that you can kick back and catch the game; it's the fact that those two sofas I mentioned can be shifted to accommodate sleepy victims of the day's activities. Looks like you can fit up to ten people in this unit without anyone crashing on the floor in a sleeping bag.

As for how much you can expect to dish out on such a behemoth, it's one tricky situation. First, you need to factor in the model year. Then you have to consider the options available, and finally, your dealers cut. But I've spotted units priced from as low as $70K (€67K at current exchange rates) for 2021 units to $100K (€96K) for 2022 units. So quite a large spectrum. But, if you've got some machines you want to take out to the desert for a spin and then live out there for a few days, the 385TH is a turtle shell with wheels you can consider.

Editor's note: This article was not sponsored or supported by a third-party. Images in the gallery also showcase an array of exterior features for Cedar Creek fifth wheel floorplans, not just for the 385TH.


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