Ember's Overland Series Caters to a Different Niche of the RV Industry and It May Pay Off

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By now, you’d think the growth witnessed in the RV industry over the past few years would show signs of slowing down. We couldn’t be farther from the truth because here we are, exploring a rather young team on the mobile living block, Ember RV.
The object of our attention today? Ember RV is a travel trailer manufacturer founded and operated by none other than Ashley Bontrager Lehman. If the Bontrager name sounds familiar, it’s because Ashley is “the granddaughter of Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager,” the ones and the same responsible for an American mobile living brand, Jayco. Nonetheless, Ember is a new fresh on the scene and popped up just last year, 2021.

Since then, three different classes of travel trailers have been revealed. You may have met the Touring Edition already, but this time, we’ll be exploring a class dubbed the Overland Series, and just as you would expect from the name, these habitats are designed to accompany you where others might not. Also, if we consider that a young team like Ember has surely done its homework to compete with industry giants, you know you can expect some ready machines.

As I explored the Overland Series, I realized that Ember is more inclined to offer a solid and equipped machine rather than catering to as large a crowd as possible. For example, the least expensive floorplan from this class sells for no less than $54,378 (€53,500 at current exchange rates). So not cheap. But there are reasons for that, and that’s what we’re here to find out: if these buggers bring the right bang for this buck. The floorplan selling for this price is the 170MBH, and frankly, we can use this model as the perfect example of what this manufacturer offers.

Overland Series
Photo: Ember Recreational Vehicles
Now, “overland” means something, and in this case, it means a Curt independent suspension with heavy-duty coils and dual shock-absorbers for each dang wheel! Ember’s Trailblazer tube steel chassis sits as the foundation for what you see above and below. Sounds in line with a lot of other overlanding campers I've written about.

What does this mean for you? It means venturing off the tarmac. It means kicking up dirt and sand on paths and dried-up riverbeds. Once you traversed all that jazz, you’ll finally reach your off-grid campsite and start getting to know the rest of this downsized companion, and all that starts with an aluminum frame and laminated Azdel panels. Just about every inch of Overland Series campers are built from composite, leading machines weighing at least 4,190 pounds (1,900 kilograms), not to mention that the 170MBH sleeps six.

Inside this unit, a few “key features” Ember feels set this camper apart from others. This includes a large “Stargazer” dual pane window, a jack-knife sofa, single bunks, and a Truma Combi furnace and water heater. But you can also look forward to gear like an LED TV, soundbar, and everything else you need to feed and groom six people.

Overland Series Interior
Photo: Ember Recreational Vehicles
The galley includes hardwood framed cabinet doors, seamless countertops, stainless steel kitchen sink, and a dual-burner top. As for grooming yourselves, countless overhead storage spaces hold your clothes and loofah, while the large bathroom found at the rear waits to help you relax with a hot shower. Once clean, hop on those bunk beds, pull down the sofa, or plop down on the queen bed at the front. Heck, just bust out the sleeping bag and take a nap on the floor.

Upon waking the next day, you realize that you’re all alone. After stepping outside and noticing that the kayaks and e-bikes are missing, everyone is out doing what they love, and you just go back to bed. Maybe you’re feeling creative and decide to have a hot meal waiting for the family upon their return. If you grab the optional “Max Solar” package, you can check charge levels and parameters, ensuring systems have all the power they need to operate at maximum capacity.

While I only ran through the cheapest model in the Overland Series, take the time to see what larger units have to offer. Not only can you sleep up to eight guests on some of them, but the features are also up to par with that number. Just bring along at least $66,409 (€65,300 at current exchange rates) for the 221MDB, the most fitting machine in this lineup. Just a little something-something to be aware of.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of Overland Series travel trailers and floorplans.

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