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Catch 2022's "Buck Moon" With Jayco's Undeniably Capable $37K Crosstrak Travel Trailer
On July 14th, 2022, we're supposed to be witnessing the biggest and brightest Moon of this year, the "Buck Moon." Naturally, I thought it would be a great idea to bring to light a travel trailer, and one team that's always been bent on helping you connect with nature is Jayco.

Catch 2022's "Buck Moon" With Jayco's Undeniably Capable $37K Crosstrak Travel Trailer

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Jayco has been in the camper and RV business for decades now, and those interested in this industry have heard of this manufacturer before. But, one thing most people don't know is that Jayco also builds mobile habitats tuned explicitly for the region where your mobile dwelling will be used.

What does this mean for future owners of campers? Well, quite a few things, actually. Most importantly, if you look for a mobile habitat designed to perform in the harshest of landscapes, for instance, Australia, then you're bound to find models that aren't available in places like the United States. This is precisely the case with the travel trailer we have before us today.

This is Jayco Crosstrak, and it's a glamper explicitly built to ensure that you survive whatever your off-road and off-grid travels throw at you. Best of all, the most equipped version starts off at no more than $53,750 Australian. Don't be scared of that number, as it only amounts to $36,800 (at current exchange rates).

Since I've started talking about the most expensive floorplan, I'll continue with that, but do note that three floorplans are available, and the other two are even cheaper. But, the 16.48-1 CT-MY22, as Jayco calls it, is the only unit that includes an interior bathroom, which I consider essential for an extended and comfortable stay out in the wild. The other models sacrifice the interior wet bath for external systems.

To understand the difference between this model and others found in other countries where Jayco dealers are active, consider the JTech independent coil suspension, 245 tires on 16-inch rims, shock absorbers, and off-road coupling as the perfect example of small minute changes in units. Oh, and that pop-top is another feature often seen in the Outback.

Let's say you have this bugger behind your truck and just arrived at your campgrounds. Once you've leveled out your habitat and unhitched it, it's time to unload your gear and get comfy; you're set to spend the next few days out here. After unloading the cargo bay found under the bed and setting up your outdoor table and chairs, you're ready to prepare dinner.

With bellies full, campfire warming your feet, and fighting off mosquitoes, you sit in wait for the "Buck Moon" to rise over the horizon; any minute now (July 14th). With the show over, it's time to head to bed, and at the rear of the Crosstrak, a double bed waits. With teeth brushed, you fall asleep to the sound of crickets. Hopefully, there's no gang of rowdy kangaroos that stumble across your habitat in the middle of the night.

The following day, just as I suspected, the sounds of birds wake you, and after checking the exterior, no kangaroo damage is spotted. You decide to put on a pot of coffee, wake our significant other, and have breakfast indoors at the dinette. With bellies full, it's time to take a little break, followed by climbing those cliffs you planned for. While you're away, solar panels will recharge your batteries and keep systems running and ready for your return. Sounds like a neat way to enjoy summer.

At the end of the day, I decided to bring this trinket to light as a fast way to get yourself a camper in time for the upcoming Supermoon. Whether you make it down to Australia in the next day or two and fly your travel trailer back to whatever country you initially came from is irrelevant; plenty of equipped and budget-friendly RVs are out there. Time to start searching.

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Images in the gallery display a number of Crosstrak model years and interiors.


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