Boreas Plans To Disrupt the Industry With Their 2024 Turnkey and Overlanding XT "Teardrop"

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In case you haven't noticed, the United States has been subject to a massive overland camper wave in recent years. One crew that's a part of this wave is none other than Colorado-based Boreas Campers, and today, we dive deeper into their 2024 XT, a beast of a machine built to put the US on the overland map.
If you regularly follow autoevolution, then the name Boreas Campers is sure to have graced your eyes. If not, then this little exploration into one of their freshest models, the 2024 XT, is sure to help you understand why this crew needs to be considered if you're looking for one hell of a travel trailer.

Now, we've covered the XT before, too, but that was some time ago, and since then, Boreas has stepped up their game, often responding to customer needs and wants and, in the process, creating a unit that bundles just about everything we need into one neat package. This package will also start off at no less than $45,000 (€42,400 at current exchange rates).

While that may seem like quite a bit to be dropping on a travel trailer that's similar in size to some teardrops, I urge you to continue reading, as very few teardrops dare go where the XT thrives. Each XT is also considered a "completely turnkey backcountry basecamp," meaning there's nothing else that you'll need except loading it up with water, food, and clothes and hitching it up to your off-road-capable vehicle.

2024 XT
Photo: Boreas Campers
After you've done all that, it's time to hit the road, and this is where we start to see where the extra cash went. For example, as you're driving along, be it on tarmac, dirt roads, or even rock-ridden trails, a Cruisemaster axle-less independent suspension takes over and trudges through whatever terrain the local lands throw at you.

From here, we need to consider the 19 in (48 cm) of ground clearance the XT exhibits, and once you couple that with 17 in alloy wheels and AT tires from BF Goodrich, there are very few places where you won't be able to drag your mobile home through. Once the shell and all other knick-knacks are thrown on, we're looking at a unit that weighs 2,200 lbs (998 kg) dry and exerts 210 lbs (95 kg) of tongue weight.

Now, that's just the base for what we see, and as I dove deeper into the XT, I can safely say that I started to fall in love. Why? Well, I'm a huge fan of teardrop campers, and while the XT is nothing like the traditional units we picture, some traits are still in place.

For example, the rear of the XT is still rocking a galley, much like other teardrops, but because you'll be diving deep into the bush or backcountry with this unit, it's designed a tad differently. Countless pull-out drawers, storage lockers, a large countertop, and 30 gals (113 l) of fresh water with a pump are all part of the magic here.

2024 XT
Photo: Boreas Campers
Furthermore, Boreas seems to have taken into consideration that their XTs may end up carrying a whole bunch of goods, as is normal for off-grid habitats, and so they mount those slide-outs on 500 lb (227 kg) sliders, lockable, of course. Throw in a battery gauge, 11 lbs (5 kg) of propane, a Truma C60 fridge/freezer, a cooktop, and a steel sink, and you're set with a complete galley. All you've got to do is bring the bacon and eggs.

As for the off-grid capabilities - remember that this is a turnkey unit - Boreas once again gives us a base to work with. This includes a 100 W setup from Zamp with a charge controller, a deep cycle AGM battery with 115 Ah, and shore power, in case you're spending some time in a park before you're off into the wild.

For the remainder of the 2024 XT's story, let's pretend that you own one of these babies and are now sitting in the middle of nowhere, by some treeline, or by a brook. Take a moment to listen to the sounds of the natural world around you, breathe in some fresh air, and then start unloading all the stuff you brought along.

XT \(Previous Model\)
Photo: Boreas Campers
While the galley and even the interior of your camper can be used to carry countless goods, the nose storage is another place where you can hide fishing gear, folding chairs and tables, and anything else you want, but it's the roof rack that's the real ticket here. Yes, it's a standard feature and included in the price I mentioned. Use this for a roof-top tent, extending the XT's sleeping accommodations to four, or load it up with more gear, even a pair of kayaks.

After you've readied your campsite, had dinner, and even spent time by a fire, it's time for bed; tomorrow is sure to be a big day, ready with all sorts of adventures, and you'll need the energy. It's time to climb inside with your significant other and rest your bones on a memory foam mattress. PVC makes up the cabinetry, and maple FRP is the interior paneling.

For comfort, dimmable LED lighting is available, and so is a 12 V/USB power source, a 6,500 BTU furnace, a MaxxAir all-weather fan with thermostat, and the cabin is protected with 1.5 in (3.8 cm) of insulation. Finding that "just right" spot should be pretty easy.

Sure, the solar setup may need a bit of an upgrade, and upgrades do exist, but the rest of the 2024 XT is exactly as Boreas Campers advertises it to be - a turnkey machine ready to get you in the off-road and off-grid game from the moment you drive it off the lot. If that's not worth the $45K, I don't know what is.
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Editor's note: Images in the gallery also showcase previous XT model years.

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