BMWs Replaced as Mazda's Benchmark, Toyota Camry Takes Their Place

Despite what things might seem at first, the automotive industry is a pretty dull place where things are rather predictable and tend to happen at a very slow pace.
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Developing a new model takes the better part of a decade, which means it would essentially be a few years old the second it comes out. Every now and again, a manufacturer manages to surprise us with a car that seems to come out of nowhere, but usually, their every move is easy to anticipate and secrets aren't kept very well.

This piece of news coming from Mazda, though, that was hard to foresee. The Japanese manufacturer has been using BMW as its benchmark for years, and considering the Bavarian company's reputation as a brand that builds driving machines, it's easy to understand why Mazda would go for that.

A lot of things need to be taken into consideration these days when making a car, and there are many constructors out there who seem to focus more on interior space and infotainment systems than the way their products actually drive. BMW is the opposite of that. Well, at least it used to.

If we're honest, thanks to a combination of the competition catching up and a bit of slacking on BMW's part, today's Bimmers aren't all that special. They certainly aren't exciting, nor a reference point in the industry anymore.

With that in mind, Mazda's decision isn't too surprising, but what makes the jaw drop is the Japanese brand's replacement: the 2018 Toyota Camry. According to AutoGuide, Mazda engineers have been thoroughly impressed with the neighbor's sedan, but it also raised a few concerns.

“If the Camry sold so well before when it was so boring to drive," the Mazda engineer told the online publication, "they now actually have a good handling car on their hands!” Well, Mazda probably doesn't need to worry since the people buying the Camry couldn't care less about the way it drives, so the word won't get out. Or at least it wouldn't have if they hadn't made such a big deal out of it.
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