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Back in the Day, the Duchess of Sussex Used to Drive a Crappy Ford Explorer Sport

Meghan Markle went from a relatively known actress on the TV series 'Suits' to one of the most polarizing figures in the British Royal Family in a very short span of time. She still looks fondly on her early days as a struggling actress.
Duchess Meghan fondly talks about her old and broken down Ford Explorer Sport 7 photos
We all know the cliché of the aspiring thespian who moves to Los Angeles in order to “break” into the industry, of the long hours working as a server and the many auditions that, almost always, end in disappointment and bitter tears. Duchess Meghan knows it first-hand, having been through the entire cycle at the onset of her career.

In what is her second TV interview since she and Prince Harry left the UK and moved to Montecito, California, the Duchess sat down for a chat with Ellen DeGeneres, which will air in full today, November 18. Meanwhile, we have a teaser in which the Duchess reminisces about the ol’ days when she used to drive a Ford Explorer Sport that was so old and broken down she could no longer open the door on the driver’s side.

This is a typical rags-to-riches celebrity story involving a hand-me-down econobox: back when she was just getting started, Duchess Meghan used to drive to many auditions on the CBS lot. Like many other celebrities, she too drove a very old car, one that was so old it had developed its own personality. It was also very crappy, since she could no longer get in and out through the door, and had to climb through the trunk.

Naturally, Meghan was embarrassed, so she would park far from the gate so no one could see her wriggle in and out of the car through the back. If someone did see her, she would just pretend she was looking for something in the trunk, and casually slip in when that person was gone.

Though the story is standard celebrity stuff, the Duchess does get points for speaking about her old car without resentment, but with humor. She’s relatable like that, who here doesn’t remember their first car fondly?

Editor's note: Photos in the gallery are of the 2001 Ford Explorer Sport.


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