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Prince Harry Is a Rad Power Bikes Kind of Guy

Rad Power Bikes is the biggest e-bike manufacturer in North America because it delivers high-quality bikes at affordable prices. Rad Power bikes aren’t just for the common folk, though.
Prince Harry is a Rad rider on his RadCity Step-Thru bike 1 photo
So far, Rad has been able to win over several big celebrities, including pop star Justin Bieber, who offered or planned to offer custom RadMinis through his House of Drew, and Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. Other celebrities have also been spotted riding Rad, but few have gotten the attention Prince Harry does right now.

Prince Harry has been living in California, in Montecito, for almost a year, and he seems to have adapted to American life just perfectly. The other day, he was spotted for the first time out and about after his and his wife’s interview with Oprah aired. That would be the same interview in which the couple accused the Royal Family of refusing to protect them in the media, being openly racist, and cutting them off financially after they moved to Canada.

That discussion is more nuanced than this and best left for another time. The fact that the Duke of Sussex is a Rad lover is more straightforward: People Magazine has a photo of him riding the RadCity Step-Thru 3.

Dubbed the “ultimate commuter bike,” the RadCity is sleek and powerful, delivering a total per-charge range of 45+ miles (73 km). Powered by a 750 W direct drive hub motor and a 48V 14 Ah lithium-ion battery, it comes with integrated front and rear lights and a geometry that allows for a variety of adjustments to suit riders of various heights. The RadCity is only offered in the U.S. but is priced affordably like every other entry in the Rad Power lineup, at $1,499.

While many commenters seem quick to point out that the Duke is not wearing a helmet, or that he’s not wearing his face mask correctly, let’s try to put a positive spin on this because we need less negativity in the world. Prince Harry, living in his multi-million dollar mansion, is just like many of us when it comes to choosing affordable electric transportation on two wheels.

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