Widebody 2020 Corvette Is Like a Blend of Liberty Walk and ZR1

A lot has happened in the past week. If you're upset over the Tesla truck being ugly or how much power the new GLE 63 S has, at least there's always the new Corvette to look forward to.
Widebody 2020 Corvette Is Like a Bend of Liberty Walk and ZR1 3 photos
Photo: hugosilvadesigns on Instagram
Widebody 2020 Corvette Is Like a Bend of Liberty Walk and ZR1Widebody 2020 Corvette Is Like a Bend of Liberty Walk and ZR1
The C8 generation came out roughly at the same time as the Supra, but has been hindered from reaching customer's hands. This is to be expected, considering how ambitious the project was. After almost 70 years of having the engine at the front, the 'Vette now has a supercar-like layout that sparks curiosity and invites mods.

Putting the engine in the middle is better for acceleration, stopping and handling, but Chevy never made anything quite like this, and the new LT2 motor refused to play nice with the chassis. From 6.2 liters, this gives you 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. Access to those numbers and a 0 to 60 time of 3 seconds require you to spring for the Z51 Performance Pack, which includes larger brakes, summer tires, an e-diff, and a performance exhaust.

Of course, that's not nearly the end of Chevy's ambition; the Italians need to learn their lesson. The new ZR1 has pretty much been confirmed to be a twin-turbo V8 monster with some kind of juicy hybrid tech.

That's kind of what this rendering, created by Hugo Silva, reminds us of, the ZR1. The carbon-fiber wing is a lot like the one fitted to the new Corvette race cars, but there are hints of other machines here.

For example, the widebody kit adds thickness to the back of the Vette, much as the Liberty Walk body kit did to the Huracan at SEMA. And the nose is pointy like some of the latest Ferraris. Like all the other mid-engined machines we mentioned, the C8 boasts a chunkier rear end and long C-pillars.

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