Video: Russian Influencer Destroys Lamborghini Urus for Views

Ever since its introduction back in 2018, we’ve seen the Lamborghini Urus subjected to all sorts of stunts. But never something like this. Being destroyed for internet views was the fate suffered by the white copy pictured down below, which had a giant red ribbon on it at one point.
Lamborghini Urus 8 photos
Photo: Instagram | mikhail_litvin
Lamborghini UrusLamborghini UrusLamborghini UrusLamborghini UrusLamborghini UrusLamborghini UrusLamborghini Urus
In addition to the images that show the before and after condition of the Italian super crossover that has elevated the brand’s sales to new never-before-seen heights these past few years, a video shows the way it was destroyed: by dropping a huge can of liquid on it. Reportedly weighing some three tons (6,600+ lbs), the can was dropped from a crane, as the owner was filming both himself and the car.

Our Russian is a little rusty, but it appears that this stunt was pulled in order to celebrate 10 million followers on Instagram. The whole thing happened a little over a month ago, and in the meantime, there are 14.3 million people following him – at the time of writing anyway. Besides that, the Urus-destroying action was also set up by the young man to promote his energy drink, apparently. And while it’s definitely a controversial approach, it certainly beats some of the things done by Red Bull over the years.

Oh, just for the kicks, we have to note that this wasn’t his first similar stunt. Not by far, because if you look on his social media account, then you will see that other expensive rides gave their last breath for internet fame. Among the vehicles that he destroyed were a BMW M5, Mercedes-AMG GT 63, and Porsche Taycan. A BMW M240i also fell victim to his wrath, and so did other cars. At this rate, we reckon that he won’t stop at destroying the Urus, so even more pricey machines will probably be smashed to pieces by him in the future – or set fire, or dropped from helicopters because he’s become very experienced at this sort of stuff.

As we already told you, this is a very controversial way of becoming famous online. As many web surfers noted after watching the clip embedded at the bottom of the page, the young man could have used that money to help those in need instead; or do good in other ways. Nevertheless, if it wasn’t for these actions, then it is likely that the Russian influencer wouldn’t be that known on the internet. But what say you about these approaches that are nothing more than publicity antics in the end? Do you stand behind them? Or are you part of the squad that believes the money should have been used in a different way? Drop a line down below and let us know.

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