Unhappy 2022 Tesla Model 3 Owner Gets "Major Buyer's Remorse", Sells It After Two Months

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A 2022 Tesla Model 3 Long Range owner decided two months of ownership are enough. They’ve now decided to sell the EV and move on to something else that’s not made by the American car brand. Even though it’s an unpleasant situation, they took the time to warn others off. Here’s what’s going on.
Someone bought a Tesla Model 3 Long Range thinking they’re getting their hands on a car that’s capable of going long distances and is not cheaply made. However, when reality struck, they decided that two months behind the wheel of this EV were more than enough.

The disheartened buyer admits the all-electric vehicle has some advantages like the Autopilot, instantaneous acceleration, the sound system, and comfortable seats. But that’s not enough to keep this American on Tesla’s client list.

They say the car is “not worth the money” and list as cons things like the vehicle feeling cheap, rattles, buzzes, and some other negatives that seem to be specific for this vehicle. The owner underlines that a two-month-old vehicle shouldn’t have loose vents, a screen that doesn’t work properly, wipers that don’t clean the windshield well, and noisy seats.

This saddened Model 3 customer also says the car is “loud on the freeway,” and the battery range isn’t as good as it is advertised. After just two months of having the car, they’ve concluded that the real-life range is about 80% of what’s being presented online and in some media outlets.

However, the deciding factor for this person was the Tesla Service Center experience. They say that texting is tiring, and waiting for a response takes hours. Also, the employees they came in contact with weren’t that eager to fix the problems.

“It’s a great car for texting and driving but that’s what you’re paying for. Save your money. The car is massively overhyped,” said the owner that now wants to get rid of their like-new Model 3 Long Range.

They even admit that an older BMW 4 Series can pass on as the better vehicle for half the money. Now it's looking like they're ready to move on to something else.

Someone that read this person’s complaints had a funny reply prepared. They said that selling this Tesla right now will incur a profit, and the owner should set some money aside for taxes. Other like-minded people jumped to explain that they’ve had wonderful experiences with their Teslas, and they’re feeling bad for the disappointed member of the Tesla Model 3 community.

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