This 2018 Tesla Model 3 Passed the 300,000-Mile Mark, Here's What You Need To Know

Tesla Model Y is a relatively new model on the market, so there are few cars with high mileage to show how they cope with abuse over time. Earlier in the year, we wrote about a Model 3 with 100,000 miles. Still, a new story from Canada shows that even at more than 300,000 miles, a Tesla Model 3 can still soldier on.
Tesla Model 3 passed the 300,000-mile mark 7 photos
Photo: Andy Slye via Youtube
Tesla Model 3 passed the 300,000-mile markTesla Model 3 passed the 300,000-mile markTesla Model 3Tesla Model 3Tesla Model 3Tesla Model 3
One of the biggest concerns for people willing to switch to electric vehicles is the Li-Ion battery’s life. Indeed, not all EVs have a good reputation, and Nissan Leaf may have stained their record, but Teslas are a different breed. We wrote multiple times about the one-million-mile Tesla Model S. Although that owner replaced the battery twice, we still consider it an excellent achievement for an old and battered EV.

Tesla Model 3 was launched in 2017, and there aren’t many cars with high-enough mileage to speak for their long-term reliability. One example that reached 100,000 miles (162,000 km) in February showed promising results after four years of service. The Li-Ion battery experienced only a modest degradation, with more than 97% still available. The car was mainly charged at home, so charging did not affect the battery capacity very much.

Now we’ve come across a Canadian Tesla Model 3 owner who claims his car, delivered in October 2018, has passed 310,000 miles (500,000 km) with no issues whatsoever. According to the owner, who goes by the name “I like piano black” on Twitter, his car is still on its original brakes and battery. He only replaced the drivetrain oil pump at 286,000 miles (460,000 km) for 250 CAD ($194).

Having passed 310,000 miles with the original battery, this Tesla Model 3 certainly made history, at least among its brethren. This is the highest mileage Tesla Model 3 we know of, and it’s still going strong after all this time. According to its owner, the battery has lost around 20% of its original capacity. This might be on the high side, but considering his use-case scenario, it might actually be quite impressive.

The guy works as a courier and drives more than 300 miles every night, Monday to Friday. This also explains the high mileage after only four years on the road. As you’ve guessed by now, he drives 90% of the time at highway speed, which is not very taxing on the drivetrain. Nevertheless, he often needs to charge at Superchargers, which is known to take a toll on the battery. But even so, 310,000 miles and still 80% of the battery left is impressive. Most people would not drive that much in a decade.

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Editor's note: The Tesla in the main picture is the 100,000-mile Model 3 belonging to Andy Slye. The image is used for illustration purposes.

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