Ukrainian-Born SteelDrop Is Teardrop Camper Inspired by the Vintage American Lifestyle

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Photo: LifeStyle Camper
SteelDrop Teardrop CamperSteelDrop Teardrop CamperSteelDrop Teardrop CamperSteelDrop Teardrop Camper GalleySteelDrop Teardrop CamperSteelDrop Teardrop CamperSteelDrop Teardrop CamperSteelDrop Teardrop CamperSteelDrop Teardrop CamperSteelDrop Teardrop Camper InteriorSteelDrop Teardrop CamperSteelDrop Teardrop Camper GalleySteelDrop Teardrop CamperSteelDrop Teardrop CamperSteelDrop Teardrop Camper FloorplanSteelDrop Teardrop CamperSteelDrop Teardrop Camper
The truth is that once humans create something revolutionary, that something reaches far corners of the world. This is the case with the American teardrop camper, an RV that has inspired manufacturers worldwide, including in Ukraine.
Since there's quite a bit of attention in Ukraine right now, I decided to find out if there are any RV manufacturers in the region. To my surprise, I ran across LifeStyle Camper and the almost incomprehensible RVs they produce. The machine we'll be looking at today is the SteelDrop, a teardrop camper that may be one of the best versions I've come across in a while.

I couldn't find out exactly when exactly LifeStyle Camper hit the market, except that their Facebook page was created back in 2016. Considering most businesses fail in the first year, it means something to still be active in such an industry. Oh, over 17,000 people also believe in their products; maybe that number will grow after this short piece of literature.

I find that the best way to help you understand what we're going to be exploring is to take a trip through imagination; you just bought this camper. Depending on where you are in the world and what features are equipped to your unit, you can expect to pay anywhere from €9,500 ($10,000 at current exchange rates) to €15,000 ($15,800) or more. Overall, you will have purchased a mobile habitat that weighs around 500 kg (1,100 lbs) and applies 35 kg (77 lbs) onto your hitch. It is suitable for a maximum load of 750 kg (1,653 lbs), so there's room for goodies and even things like a roof rack.

SteelDrop Teardrop Camper
Photo: LifeStyle Camper
As you're driving along, you suddenly see a slightly beaten trail and decide to take a short run through it, just to see where it leads. Oh, don't worry about the trailer; a torsion axle suspension should handle some light trekking. A galvanized frame will also support some dirt and water splashes onto the underside.

Seeing an end to the trail and where it leads, a lakeside, you decide that this is the perfect place to camp for a night or so. In classic teardrop style, you'll drop a stabilizing leg with a wheel on the end for easy mobility and open the hatches to let the sunlight inside your camper. Of course, the galley is found at the rear and is ready with a sink, running water, fridge, endless sockets, sound speakers, and a massive countertop. There's no mention of the cooktop, but grab an electric two-burner top and enjoy the trip because the entire galley is wired to run on solar and electrical power. Some options can be spotted using gas.

With a hot tea in hand and a meal on the fire, you relax to watch the storm clouds rolling in. Usually, you may panic a bit, but with a stainless steel layer lining the exterior of the SteelDrop, hence its name, you want until the last moment to head inside. With the meal finished and minutes to spare, you retire to the confines of your RV.

SteelDrop Teardrop Camper
Photo: LifeStyle Camper
Inside, a foam mattress suitable for two people is more than right for waiting out the storm. Go ahead, close the doors; LED lights and more sound speakers should help you liven up the place. Shelves for shoes, clothing and other gear are also available inside. With the storm gone, you take your kayaks off the top of the trailer and hit the lake. You should be set for a solid extended weekend with additional features like an outdoor shower and other hygiene products.

As I was writing about this camper, I realized something: it's no different from any other American teardrop that I've ever written about. Heck, it seems to have hit all the right notes of this style, including massive baby moon hubcaps and whitewall tires. What more could you want?
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Editor's note: The image gallery features an array of SteeDrop options and unidentifiable model years.

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